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Brintellix is a drug used to treat major depressive disorder (MDD). Since MDD lasts longer and has more severe low moods than other forms of depression, it is sometimes hard to treat with many of the antidepressants on the market. Brintellix was developed to provide another means of attack for this issue. It was designed to work on a more diverse and larger set of naturally-forming brain chemicals than other antidepressant drugs. These include serotonin, dopamine, histamine, noradrenaline, and acetylcholine.

There are side effects that can be serious when using Brintellix. Some of these can include seizure, lack of inhibition, nausea, confusion, mania, suicidal thoughts, lack of inhibitions, agitation, and serotonin syndrome. Being a mood-altering drug, misuse can also occur. Users sometimes use the drug recreationally and change their dosage in an attempt achieve a state of euphoria. An altered mental state like those seen with narcotic use will not happen, but a heightened mental feeling of well-being may happen. The issue is that with added dosing, the body builds a tolerance and more of the drug is then needed to feel normal. This is when an addiction has taken place and professional help may be needed to break this cycle.

If you’ve seen these signs and are looking to learn more or find help for someone who may have an addiction to Brintellix, we have answers. See our related topics or contact the Brintellix hotline today to speak with a specialist who can help.

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Mixing Brintellix With AlcoholWhen taking Brintellix, it is important not to drink any alcohol. Brintellix and alcohol both affect the brain and can cause impairment when consumed together.