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Alfentanil is a prescription opioid medication. Alfentanil is an analog of fentanyl, one of the most common opioids in the world. Alfentanil is typically used during surgeries when anesthesia is administered. Alfentanil is a pain reliever and acts similarly to fentanyl.

Fentanyl is known for its potency, but alfentanil is significantly less potent with a shorter half-life. One of the benefits of alfentanil is how quickly it takes effect, especially compared to other fentanyl-type drugs.

In the United States, alfentanil is available by prescription only and is typically only administered by injection. Injection is best for analgesics in surgery because it delivers a precise dosage of these dangerous drugs. Because it is an opioid analgesic, alfentanil carries a high risk of dependence and addiction if it is not administered by a medical professional.

Alfentanil Addiction and Abuse

Alfentanil is used as an analgesic during surgery. In some patients who are chronically ill, alfentanil can be used outside of surgical procedures. Alfentanil is a rapid onset pain reliever and is classified as a full opioid agonist.

People who are taking alfentanil at home should be aware of its addictive nature. It behaves much like morphine and provides pain relief that many other drugs cannot provide. When taking alfentanil, be aware of the side effects associated with this medication.

The side effects of alfentanil include nausea, drowsiness, confusion, itching, constipation, and respiratory depression. If you are using alfentanil, be sure to monitor these side effects closely and seek medical attention if they worsen at any time. Some of the side effects can be fatal.

Alfentanil is not a drug intended for long-term use. If you were prescribed alfentanil, you are at risk of developing a dependency to this opioid.

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