Alcohol and Ketosis Diet and Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet is a recent nutrition trend many people use to lose weight and become healthier. So what is the ketogenic diet, what is ketosis, and what is the relationship between alcohol, the ketosis diet and weight loss?

Alcohol and Ketosis | Alcohol and Ketosis Diet and Weight Loss
Before looking at the specifics of alcohol and ketosis, what is ketosis in general?

Ketosis is a term that refers to a metabolic process that your body regularly goes through. When you don’t have the glucose you need to fuel your body with energy, you’ll instead go into a mode where you burn stored fats. When this happens, ketones, which are a build-up of acids, leave the body. The belief with the ketogenic diet is that you can put the body into a fat burning state by following a certain diet.

The state of ketosis frequently occurs in people with diabetes, and while it’s a normal process, some extremes are possible. If you have extreme ketosis, you’re more likely to have type 1 diabetes, as an example. If your ketone levels rise too much, it can cause the acid level in your blood to similarly rise, which can cause a condition called ketoacidosis. This can be deadly. A ketogenic diet can also raise cholesterol levels.

When people are following this diet, they often wonder what the relationship between alcohol and ketosis is, as well as the links between alcohol, the ketosis diet and weight loss. The following provides some information about alcohol and ketosis.

No diet is without sacrifices, and this one is certainly no exception. All alcohol has carbs and sugar. Liquor mixed drinks typically have the highest sugar and carb concentration, followed by beer and wine. Some people feel like alcohol and ketosis diets are okay together because alcohol can lead to a deeper level of ketosis, but this isn’t the case. Drinking while following this diet will impede your ability to lose weight, at least to an extent.

Drinking impacts the metabolism rates of your liver, so you’re producing more ketones. Alcohol becomes a triglyceride in the body, which is good for ketone production. While thing might trigger ketosis in the short term, you’re not likely to get optimal weight loss results over time. When you’re altering the functionality of your liver or putting unnecessary stress on it, it can cause problems in your overall metabolism.

There are other things to consider with alcohol, the ketosis diet and weight loss. If you’re following this diet and feel tempted to drink, you are likely to find that your tolerance is significantly lower than what it once was, so you need to be careful about the effects of alcohol and ketosis. Alcohol, the ketosis diet and weight loss may lead to a lower tolerance for drinking because your liver no longer has significant glycogen stores. Glycogen is what typically metabolizes alcohol. When you don’t have it present, your liver immediately goes to processing the alcohol.

So what’s the ultimate takeaway with alcohol and ketosis, as well as the relationship between alcohol and the ketosis diet and weight loss? If possible, it’s best to avoid alcohol when you’re on the ketogenic diet. If you’re in a state of ketosis and you drink, it can slow your weight loss, and may also lead to a lower alcohol tolerance. Calories from alcohol are also empty and toxic to your body. You don’t absorb any nutritional value from drinking, and the primary recommendation with alcohol and ketosis is that you avoid drinking altogether, or keep it very limited.

If you are going to drink in moderation, some options are better than others. For example, within the framework of alcohol and ketosis, vodka, tequila, and cabernet sauvignon tend to be better options.

If you feel like your drinking is out of control, or you continue drinking even after attempting to stop, you may have an alcohol abuse problem. Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can help you stop drinking. The Recovery Village offers the full continuum of care for those struggling with substance use disorders. Reach out today for more information.

Alcohol and Ketosis Diet and Weight Loss
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