How to Detox From Alcohol and Cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes. Two of the most harmful, addictive substances there is, and an addiction to one often goes hand-in-hand with an addiction to another. Unfortunately, if you make the decision to stop using alcohol and get treatment for an addiction to this substance, it can drive you toward being more dependent on cigarettes as a crutch. So what should you know about the relationship between alcohol and cigarettes, and how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes at the same time?

Alcohol and Cigarettes | How to Detox From Alcohol and Cigarettes
Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an alcoholic, you may have found that you frequently combine alcohol and cigarettes when you do drink. So why is there a relationship between alcohol and cigarettes?

While the number of people who regularly use tobacco is going down, people who consider themselves social smokers is going up.

Also according to The National Institutes of Health, around 90 percent of alcoholics also smoke. Even people who aren’t alcoholics say they smoke only when they drink.

Not a lot is known about the link between alcohol and cigarettes, but there has been some research showing there may be a relationship between the nicotine that acts as a stimulant and the depressive nature of alcohol. Researchers think it’s possible that the nicotine helps combat the sleepiness that can accompany alcohol. There have also been studies that show nicotine can boost the pleasurable effects of alcohol use, and that effect can make people want to drink more.

Despite this, it’s important for people to realize that alcohol and cigarettes are two of the deadliest substances there are, with nearly 10 million deaths being attributed to alcohol and cigarettes each year.

Continuing research also shows the negative effects of combining alcohol and cigarettes. For example, there was research recently released that showed that the combination of excessively using alcohol and cigarettes is associated with memory problems and a range of other negative health outcomes.

If you’ve decided you want to eliminate both alcohol and cigarettes from your life at the same time, it can be a difficult experience because you’re trying to stop using two highly addictive things at the same time.

So, what should you know about how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes?

There’s no doubt that one of the elements alcohol and cigarettes have in common is their highly addictive nature. If you are looking for how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes at the same time, you will go through withdrawal symptoms from both. Alcohol detox can be particularly dangerous because it can include tremors, fear, hallucinations, and seizures.

Alcohol detox includes different stages. The first stage includes anxiety, nausea, and insomnia primarily, and it can begin around eight hours after the last drink is taken. Stage two includes high blood pressure and body temperature, confusion and issues with heart rate. Stage three can be the most severe for certain people, and symptoms can include hallucinations, seizures, and fever.

Nicotine withdrawal can have its own side effects as well including intense cravings, tingling, sweating, nausea, headaches, sore throat, insomnia, concentration problems, anxiety, and irritation. Quitting nicotine can also lead to depression and weight gain.

The symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine can last for a few days up to a few weeks, and in some cases, people may experience the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine for a few months.

There are some products that can help reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal such as gum and skin patches, as well as prescription nasal sprays and inhalers.

While detoxing from alcohol can include complications and can potentially be life-threatening, nicotine withdrawal is not deadly, but it can be uncomfortable and lead to mood and physical changes.

So, what should you know specifically about how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes?

When it comes to how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes, you should realize that cigarettes aren’t the only way to manage the stress of quitting alcohol. When someone decides to stop using alcohol, whether on their own or in a rehab facility, they may start to rely more heavily on cigarettes as a crutch and to manage their stress and anxiety. As part of that people believe that they might be more likely to relapse and use alcohol if they quit using cigarettes at the same time, but there is no proof this is true. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

During your research of how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes, you’re likely to see that the rates of alcohol relapse are higher in people who smoke during recovery.

Also, regarding how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes, you should seek professional help and speak to the team of your rehab program about your desire to stop using both alcohol and cigarettes. You can even find a rehab program that will help you learn how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes at the same time with a cigarette cessation program.

As with your program to stop using alcohol, when you explore how to detox from alcohol and cigarettes, your program may involve different aspects of recovery including counseling, meetings, and medication.

There are benefits to deciding to quit using alcohol and cigarettes at the same time, including the fact that you’ll physically feel better and you’ll be able to get on a path toward a complete recovery, rather than still having a dependence on an addictive substance even after you stop drinking.

It can actually be easier for you to make a complete lifestyle change when you stop using alcohol and cigarettes at the same time.