Carl Verna
Recovery Ambassador
Carl Verna

When did you realize you wanted to get treatment?

“I was using alcohol to mask issues and self-medicate but, pretty soon, my life began to spiral out of control to the point where I almost lost the people I love the most. I woke up in a hospital, not knowing how I got there or what day it was. Seeing the sadness and disappointment on my wife’s face and the confusion from my children shook me to my core. It was then that I realized my life had become unmanageable and that I needed help.”

Why did you (or your loved one) choose our treatment center?

“After several phone calls and research, I spoke to representatives from The Recovery Village that I connected to immediately. I felt they knew what I needed for my recovery and were familiar with my story and my particular needs. They were clear and concise with what the program offered and walked me through the steps I needed to get the care I sought out with competent urgency.” 

What part of your treatment was the most helpful?

“The psychiatric care I received was invaluable. I began to understand the physiological aspect of the disease of alcoholism, which took away the shame and stigma often associated with this condition; this then prepared me mentally to be open to the rest of the treatment I received.” 

Who made the biggest difference in your recovery journey?

“From food services to the nurses to the counselors and medical team. The staff of professionals at The Recovery Village were all invaluable. It was a team effort, and every member of the staff exuded a positivity and compassion that was palpable to me. I felt like it was a safe place with competent professionals, which was conducive to me getting better.

How has your life changed after getting treatment at our center?

“Life is worth living again! I look forward to every day, and I have reconnected with my family, my higher power and my career like never before. I joined A.A. when I was in treatment, and I continue to go to meetings. My physical and mental state has improved dramatically, and I am excited for the future.” 

How would you encourage someone else who needs treatment?

“It all starts with recognizing that you need help and that you can’t do it by yourself. It takes a team of dedicated professionals and a belief in your Higher Power, however you define that to be.”

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