Myrrhanda Jones
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Myrrhanda Jones
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    Myrrhanda Jones is the community outreach director for the IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery that opened in March 2017. Myrrhanda graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications with a double minor in non-profit organizational leadership and computer science. She began working for Advanced Recovery Systems in August 2016 as a territory representative in Charlotte, North Carolina. Advanced Recovery Systems is an integrated behavioral healthcare management company that provides adolescent and adult addiction, substance abuse, eating disorder and mental health treatment programs around the country. Myrrhanda now solely represents the Center of Excellence and travels across the country, educating members on the services that the treatment facility provides. She works with local departments to verify their insurance benefits to ensure their members can access the facility when needed. Myrrhanda coordinates and hosts tours at the center along with working as a liaison between Advanced Recovery Systems and the IAFF. Advanced Recovery Systems is different from most behavioral healthcare companies in many ways. However, the one thing that stands out above the rest is that ARS is not in the business of fixing people, but to educate clients on how they can live long and healthy lives in recovery.

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