Dr. Lewis Gold, MD
Chairman of the Board
Dr. Lewis Gold, MD

Lewis Gold, MD Co-Founded Sheridan Healthcare in 1994 and was Executive Vice Chairman and on the board of directors of Sheridan Healthcare. Dr. Gold served on the board of directors since the company’s inception and was instrumental in their multiple financial transactions, including an IPO in 1995 and four private equity sales since 1994. Dr. Gold was Executive Vice President from 1994 to 1999 while Sheridan Healthcare was publicly traded on NASDAQ (1995-1999). At Sheridan, Dr. Gold negotiated four separate private equity transactions including TA Associates, Vestar Capital, JW Childs and Hellman and Friedman. Under his leadership, Sheridan Healthcare grew from a single local practice to a national company in 23 states. Sheridan Healthcare has enjoyed significant revenue and EBITDA growth each year since 1994.

After retiring from Sheridan Healthcare in November 2012,Dr. Gold co-founded EG Advisors, LLC, and on December 19, 2013, he co-founded Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS), an integrated behavioral health company specializing in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, and associated mental health issues. Dr. Gold currently acts as Co-CEO of ARS and has partnered with Goldman Sachs private equity in this entity. Dr. Gold also currently serves as an Operating Partner for J.W. Childs.

Dr. Gold graduated summa cum laude from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. He received his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine in 1982 and completed his anesthesia residency at the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Gold is Board Certified in Anesthesiology.

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