Jennifer Hooper
Clinical Director
Jennifer Hooper

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jennifer began her journey to help others as an empathetic and results driven therapist in her home state of Indiana. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed the direct care role and also found so many other ways to impact change. This created a trajectory in her career from clinician to executive management, allowing her to grow as a supervisor, consultant, developer, and trainer. Jennifer’s passion is always to think as a clinician first, caring about how to best empower the client. She balances this with strong ethics, leadership, and fiscal responsibility. Jennifer strives to help create streamlined systems and programs that facilitate growth for patients and employees. She believes in teamwork, and she sets high standards for successful outcomes. At the core of all she does, her values of honesty, integrity, and transparency shine through which she utilizes to create a culture of trust and positivity that fosters a learning and healing, no matter the environment. In her time off, you will find Jennifer at the ballfield, traveling, on the water or simply connecting with loved ones over weekly family dinners.

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