Audrey Gardner, RN
Director of Nursing
Audrey Gardner, RN

Audrey Gardner, RN, has been an influential nurse leader in the mental health field since 2015. Her professional journey is marked by significant contributions across various domains, including clinical research, inpatient drug trials, and specialized areas such as pediatric behavioral health, home-based behavioral health services, and eating disorder management. In her current role as the Director of Nursing at The Recovery Village Atlanta, Audrey applies her extensive knowledge and experience to foster an environment of compassionate, patient-centered care.

Beyond her primary professional responsibilities, Audrey is actively engaged in the broader healthcare community. She is a committed participant in Emory’s Healthcare Ethics Consortium, which underscores her dedication to ethical decision-making and keeping abreast of the latest advancements and challenges in healthcare ethics. Audrey’s comprehensive approach and her commitment to continuous learning and ethical practices significantly contribute to her effectiveness and integrity as a leader in mental health and rehabilitation services.

Medical Disclaimer

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