Walter Aguilar
Community Education Speaker
Walter Aguilar

Walter’s insight into human potential and motivation, along with successes in the sports, corporate sales arena, and human relations make him a powerhouse of inspiration and wisdom. He is an IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) coach and was one of the first 25 coaches in 2014 trained in COR.E Performance Dynamics; a systematic approach based on the mind-energy connection to performance and increasing effective flow & zone access.

He understands that doing your best is no longer as effective as being your best. His textured life experiences, from being a team leader at a probation school for at-risk teenagers and having been trained as a substance addiction counselor provides him deep insight that he has used throughout his coaching career. Some of his portfolio of clients includes the Colorado Avalanche (NHL Team), where he has worked with their top prospects, to The BC Provincial Government (Canada) their youth advisory council, to being part of IPEC’s training curriculum (contributed 4 teleclasses) in demonstrating how to apply the COR.E principles effectively with clients.

His passion for what he does, makes him relatable to a variety of people, from CEOs, Directors, and Sales Consultants, to Entrepreneurs and Professional Athletes. In addition, he provides support for growth seekers, individuals in recovery, couples, and teenagers.

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