Remedy Max, MA, DRI-ABCP
Community Education Speaker
Remedy Max, MA, DRI-ABCP

Remedy Max is the owner and President of RemedyBlox – a company that delivers a host of public educational platforms as well as risk mitigation support services to both the corporate sector and to members of the general public across Canada, in the USA and internationally looking to enhance their core risk mitigation capacity against various agents of chaos and associated harms, losses and liabilities.

Remedy Max is a subject matter expert in the fields of Criminology, Behavior & Addiction Sciences, Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Safety & Security. She is also a skilled Human Behavior Strategist and expert on the “Frailty of the Human Condition” who offers support and advice to trauma survivors and those who are affected directly or indirectly by behavior addictions and/or substance abuse.

  1. MA
  2. BA
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