Kurt Bruckmann
Community Education Speaker
Kurt Bruckmann

During Kurt’s career as a successful business Owner and Commodities Trader, he found a passion for Guiding and Mentoring employees, colleagues, family, and friends as they faced challenges of Addiction and Mental Health. He will continue his work as a Certified Professional Coach assisting people in creating “The Life of Their Dreams” going from “Impossible to I’m Possible.”

Kurt partners with his clients to empower personal growth through inviting a sense of self-awareness with acceptance and conscious choice. He will work with the clients assisting in acknowledging, validating and knowingly expressing gratitude, invoking appreciation, and “Trust with Happiness.” This enables the Client to be more mindful and centered bringing higher consciousness as choices are made in the present moment.

How would it feel to operate with no concern for Fear, Anger, Guilt, Grief, Self Forgiveness by “Trusting the Process?” Working with Kurt the client’s journey with inner growth brings forth the understanding that “Our Mind and Energy is Our Power.” This allows opportunities for a “Life of Choice” with Happiness by offering the gift of “Being” leading to “Creating the Better Version of You.”

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