Kim Leatherdale, LPC, NCC, ATR-BC, DCC
Community Education Speaker
Kim Leatherdale, LPC, NCC, ATR-BC, DCC

Kim Leatherdale is a well-liked presenter, board-certified coach, and licensed professional counselor who speaks to fortune 500 companies, colleges, state and national groups. She has over twenty-five years of professional experience teaching the relationship skills she herself uses.

She communicates ideas in appealing and useful ways. People who have seen Kim present say “you reached out in a way that was unquestionably generous and considerate” and “you just have a way about you” which gets people interested.

Kim is passionate about teaching people how to revolutionize their lives through easy and enduring skills. She has presented to and worked with thousands of individuals, and has been featured multiple times on television and online. Her talks receive heartfelt positive feedback.

Additionally, Kim enjoys writing and has published two books on relationships and has multiple others in draft form.

She is an honest relationship expert who shares valuable and effective skills. Kim and her husband are happily successful because they found and used the information she now teaches. She is the expert guide who has been there, knows where the pitfalls and traps lie, and shows you a reliable map to a close, authentic, and loving relationship.

  1. LPC
  2. NCC
  3. ATR-BC
  4. DCC
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