Jim Narin
Community Education Speaker
Jim Narin

After a successful and enjoyable career on Wall Street as a Trader in the Commodity pits of the NYMEX, Jim decided to embark on a journey of assisting those affected by addiction.

Jim’s promise to his clients is to be their guide as they build the awareness and self-confidence that will position them to break through any barriers and challenges preventing them from being at their highest potential in a life that they design. He works with them to create and cultivate strategies from a BETTER NOT BITTER perspective. This leads them to having sustainable, long-term growth with happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. Clients develop a sense of authenticity in WHO they really are and how to plan and respond in ways that honor their most coveted values.

Jim’s Last Bad Day was on April 30, 2002. That was the evening of his last drink. He now lives in sobriety and growth daily. Jim made positive use of his experience with the AA 12 Steps, a wonderful sponsor, along with individual therapy and coaching to create the authentic person he is today. Living by conscious choice and awareness, while mastering fear and negative thoughts empowers his inner strengths in leading how he SHOWS UP each and every day.

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