Jasmyne Kettwick, MAMFT, LMFT, RPT, CSST
Community Education Speaker
Jasmyne Kettwick, MAMFT, LMFT, RPT, CSST
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    Jasmyne Kettwick, MAMFT, LMFT, RPT, CSST, the Executive Director of Relate Family Therapy and Counseling in Centennial, CO specializes in helping children, adults, and families heal from current and past trauma. Prior to Relate, she was a Program Coordinator in a Dual Diagnosis Residential facility, a Therapy Provider in Outpatient Psychiatry, where she helped clients in a variety of settings heal through therapeutic work.

    She leads workshops, trainings, and talks around various topics related to mental health, prevention, trauma work, and how to motivate change. She hopes to help people build deeper and more meaningful connections with others while increasing their personal awareness through psychoeducation, support, and humor.

    1. LMFT
    2. MAMFT
    3. RPT
    4. CSST
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