Greg Crosby, MA, LPC
Greg Crosby, MA, LPC

Greg Crosby has served the Marylhurst community since 1980 and is a sought after trainer in community mental health and managed care organizations, residential treatment, drug and alcohol prisons and within continuing education. When not teaching, Greg maintains a private practice in therapy supervision, adult ADHD and life transitions. Greg has authored several articles and manuals about group therapy and is in the 2012 Wiley textbook, Handbook of Group Psychotherapy, edited by Klineberg. His new co-authored book with Tonya Lippert is Transforming ADHD.

Greg teaches in Art Therapy Counseling, Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Marylhurst University and in the Trauma Certificate and Human Services Program at Portland State University. For 25 years, Greg has been the Clinical Regional Coordinator of Group Therapy at Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington and is a Fellow in the Group Psychotherapy Association. Greg has additionally sat on the Board of International Board of Certified Group Psychotherapists since 1997. Teaching for over 35 years, Greg is a leader in developing group therapy programs and integrating therapy approaches to improve the effectiveness of individual, family and group therapy. He speaks at conferences, agencies, medical schools and managed care facilities around the country.

Greg brings a holistic view to therapy that is practical, engaging and easy to adapt into a wide variety of settings.

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