Erica Otto
Community Education Speaker
Erica Otto

As a chronic pain survivor herself, erica understands how much devastation chronic conditions can cause. With her master’s in clinical mental health counseling as well as her personal experience with chronic pain, she developed the Pain Revolutionized masterclass so you can find freedom from pain and take back control of your life. While her counseling experience served as a launchpad for this program, her true passion is derived from a deep desire to witness others experience the same transformation she went through herself.

Erica has a master’s in clinical mental health counseling in addition to being a certified professional life coach and has utilized this education as well as her personal experience with chronic pain to create an entirely new approach to pain management. The Pain Revolutionized online masterclass is a therapeutic approach to relief that provides a long-term and self-sustaining solution so that those struggling with chronic conditions can take back their lives.

Finding freedom from chronic pain through therapeutic applications, cognitive-behavioral shifts, and lifestyle changes. Learn about the intimate relationship between chronic pain and mental health and how this connects to opiate use that turns to addiction.

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