Corrie van Amerongen, LISW-S
Professional Education Speaker
Corrie van Amerongen, LISW-S

Corrie van Amerongen is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with Supervisory designation in the state of Ohio. She completed her Master’s in Social Work at the Ohio State University and has worked in healthcare for the past seven years in Columbus, Ohio. She is currently a social worker in the Emergency Department for Ohio Health and provides psychiatric assessments and drug and alcohol resources for patients and families. She volunteers as a case manager at Our Lady of Guadalupe Center, a food pantry and community center on the west side of Columbus.

Corrie is bilingual in Spanish, having traveled extensively throughout Central and South America. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 2008-2010, where she was a community health volunteer in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Through her service, Corrie was inspired to work with immigrant communities and became a social worker. In 2018, Corrie started her private practice, Volar Behavioral Consulting, providing psychosocial assessments for individuals and families seeking legal immigration status. She has worked with numerous families from Central and South America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

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