Alex Ribbentrop, LCSW
Community Education Speaker
Alex Ribbentrop, LCSW

Alex Ribbentrop is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both Virginia and Florida, Qualified Supervisor, EMDR Trained Clinician, and Certified Family Trauma Professional. Alex received his B.A. in Philosophy from George Mason University where he also completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and was twice recognized with the “Outstanding Master of Social Work Award”. Alex’s clinical career has included work in for-profit and non-profit settings, levels of care ranging from residential treatment to community-based mental health care, and time working with one of the top co-occurring treatment facilities in the country.

Alex’s clinical training has focused on the areas of complex trauma, family systems, personality disorders, and substance use disorders; his approach integrates trauma-informed care and existential considerations to support individuals in the development of personal meaning and value for their lives.

Alex currently owns and operates Live Free Psychotherapy, a private practice with locations in Palm Beach County, Florida and Northern Virginia. In addition to clinical practice, Alex works as a consultant, speaker, and facilitator of psychotherapeutic group and family workshops.

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