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Christina Caplinger, RPh


Christina Caplinger is a licensed pharmacist in both Colorado and Idaho and is also a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. She completed a fellowship program in infectious disease pharmacy, in which her research interests included antimicrobial stewardship and appropriate antimicrobial prescribing, resulting in several publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. Although her focus has been mostly in the infectious disease realm, she also has clinical interests in pain management, diabetes care, medication therapy management, patient advocacy, and internal medicine.

Articles by Christina

Evaluation of a protocol to optimize duration of pneumonia therapy at hospital discharge:

Total duration of antimicrobial therapy in veterans hospitalized with uncomplicated pneumonia: Results of a national medication utilization evaluation:

Evaluation of a Computerized Decision Support Intervention to Decrease Use of Anti-Pseudomonal Carbapenems in Penicillin Allergic Patients:

Antimicrobial de-escalation of treatment for healthcare-associated pneumonia within the Veterans Healthcare Administration:

Description and validation of a spectrum score method to measure antimicrobial de-escalation in healthcare associated pneumonia from electronic medical records data:

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