If you’ve asked yourself, “Am I bipolar?” then this page and our bipolar quiz can help you understand your symptoms as they relate to the different types of bipolar disorders, and evaluate your likelihood of having a bipolar disorder.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5), people who have a type of bipolar disorder experience frequent, alternating periods of high or elevated moods (manic episodes) and low, depressed moods (major depressive episodes).

Bipolar Disorder Self-Assessment Quiz

This anonymous and confidential bipolar depression quiz can help you evaluate your symptoms and understand whether they are indicative of a bipolar disorder. Upon submitting the quiz and entering a valid email address, you can see your results and recommended next steps.

This quiz is not an official, clinical diagnosis. Only a medical professional can diagnose you with a bipolar disorder. Discuss your results with a mental health professional to determine whether you need bipolar disorder treatment.

Please answer “yes” or “no” for each question.

Have you experienced a manic episode (a period of persistently elevated mood, increased energy or irritable mood)?
Have you experienced a hypomanic episode (a distinct period of abnormally elevated, expansive, or irritable mood and abnormally increased activity or energy)?
Have you experienced a depressive episode (depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, loss of energy) that lasted for at least a few days or longer? Note: For depression to be diagnosed, symptoms must last for at least two weeks.
Do your symptoms typically last for most of the day, every day?
Have you experienced your symptoms after drug or alcohol use?
Have you experienced your symptoms after taking medication(s)?
Have you engaged in reckless activities despite knowing the negative consequences?
Have you felt that your symptoms severely disrupt your everyday life (including impairing your work performance and social life)?
Have you ever been hospitalized because of your symptoms?
Has a medical professional or therapist ever told you that you have a manic-depressive disorder or bipolar disorder?
Has a medical professional or therapist ever told you that you have a schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, schizophreniform disorder, delusional disorder, or other schizophrenia spectrum disorder or psychotic disorder?
Have any of your immediate family members or blood relatives had manic-depressive episodes or bipolar disorder?

This quiz is confidential and your assessment results will appear on the next page. Please enter your information below to receive your results.

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