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Patients who suffer from moderate to severe pain that needs to be treated for more than a few days are sometimes prescribed a drug called Oramorph. Oramorph is a narcotic drug that is classified in the opioid family as its main component is morphine. This drug comes in two forms: immediate and extended-release.

Because Oramorph is an opioid, it has a greater potential for being abused or causing an addiction for those who are using it, either legally or when obtained illicitly and used for obtaining a “high.” Opioids should be taken only as prescribed; however, individuals who have been prescribed Oramorph sometimes seek to enhance the pain relief effect because a tolerance to the current dose has taken place – making the medication seem less effective. Increasing the dose of Oramorph through self-management (taking more of the drug or taking it more often) can be dangerous as it has a component that alters the electrical brain activity of the user. This change in activity can lead to serious conditions such as hypotension, hypothermia, hypoxia, and respiratory depression – all which need immediate medical attention to avoid brain damage, multi-symptom organ failure, or death.

If Oramorph is being misused, suddenly stopping its use can be problematic as a series of withdrawal symptoms can take place. These can include body aches, stomach cramps, insomnia, chills, irritability and restlessness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and others. Oramorph use should be decreased slowly and under care from a professional to help manage withdrawal symptoms.

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