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Reidsville is in the state of North Carolina within the county of Rockingham. It has a population of approximately 14,520 people, according to the 2010 census. The city is a “sleeper city” that largely fuels the growth of larger urban centers within close proximity. It has a diversified economy in the present day, although its origins relied on the cultivation and processing of tobacco. The city is rich in history, having grown from a predominantly tobacco-based economy to the urban sprawl witnessed today.

The city, similar to the country as a whole country, is facing a drug epidemic. Indeed, chemical dependency within the United States is palpable, and Reidsville, North Carolina is no different. Furthermore, it is worth taking into account the fact that substance usage occurs across all demographics. Programs are in place to help curb the trend, but success rates vary.

Fortunately, however, there are several drug and alcohol treatment centers in Reidsville for people who are dependent on controlled substances. The problem is that society places an unnecessary stigma on substance misuse, a stigma that keeps many folks from seeking help. Those suffering need help, not punishment.

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Finding Help & Recovery in Reidsville, NC

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Reidsville, North Carolina

As the city’s population increases, it is plausible to think that the situation will only get worse, much like in larger urban centers. If left unchecked, substance misuse may render this community socially dysfunctional. For those suffering, the most important factor is seeking treatment before it’s too late.

Besides the more powerful controlled substances, alcohol is also widely used across most demographics. Given the blurred lines pertaining to addiction and casual use, it’s hard to place a finger on the group that needs help the most. Again, it’s best to tackle a problem early. There’s a difference between “frequent use” and “addiction,” but that line fades quick, so it’s best to avoid waiting to seek assistance.

People affected should be perceived as suffering from a disease that has a definitive remedy. Users are highly likely to avoid seeking intervention due to the stigma and shame associated with misusers of regulated substances. That is where society needs to do better. There are numerous resources available to those who need help, and the job of friends and family is to guide those who are in need to that help. If you are the one suffering, then it’s time to research the programs available to you at various Reidsville drug treatment facilities and get started today.

Residential Treatment Programs

These in-house approaches cater to substance misusers. Patients have fixed premises where detoxification is the first step towards treatment. Other elements of the treatment process include physical activities, group therapy and diet planning. During inpatient drug rehab in Reidsville, NC, patients receive education regarding drug and alcohol dependency while being provided with holistic round-the-clock medical services to minimize the possibility of a relapse.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial Hospitalization Programs offer flexible schedules to enable patients to carry on with their everyday activities. Typically, patients retire to their households in the evening after daytime therapy. The recovery template is similar to that of residential treatment programs. This type of program is best for those who need intensive treatment, yet they cannot be away from home 24/7 due to family, school or work commitments.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

These are ideal for patients who have already undergone intensive care processes. Outpatient programs are not restrictive, although the recovery processes are akin to those of the aforementioned programs. Outpatient drug rehab in Reidsville, NC also entail follow-up activities that serve as a blueprint to continued success.

All of the aforementioned programs (residential, partial and outpatient) are available within the city of Reidsville. Careful assessment of the available options is necessary before you can settle on a program. For example, it is counterintuitive for a patient who has received minimal intervention to opt for an outpatient program, as it doesn’t offer the level of care necessary, at least in the beginning. They do not provide the security that the other options offer and would most likely result in the patient relapsing.

Reidsville Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Detox is usually the initial step in the treatment process. Reidsville drug detox entails the removal of toxins from the patient’s system. It is very important to do this within a medical environment, as withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating and may require the use of non-addictive medication to ease the effects. You can also attend alcohol detox before starting your alcohol treatment in Reidsville.

Credibility is very important at this stage, as the nature of withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly. A reputable program should also offer inpatient services to ensure the health of the patient. It is also notable that detoxification solely cannot eliminate the mental factors that led the patient to substance misuse disorder in the first place, so a detox that leads straight into an inpatient program offers the best chance at success.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Reidsville

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery meetings help people across the country to escape the binds of addiction. Recovering users receive motivation that enables them to stay on the course of full recovery. Many programs will connect you with a sponsor, someone who will stand alongside you at meetings and be there for you in times of need.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous offers support for people recovering from dependency on alcohol. These meetings usually involve discussions where participants talk about their struggles with alcohol and their quests for recovery. There are no exclusions based on gender or age. Members must be willing to accept a spiritual aspect at meetings, but they are not asked to follow a certain religion.

First Presbyterian Church
318 S. Main St.
Reidsville, NC 27320

Out in the Barn
394 Cook Florist Rd.
Reidsville, NC 27320

Remmsco Inc.
108 N. Main St.
Reidsville, NC 27320

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

These fellowship meetings are especially for those recovering from drug addiction. They are remarkably similar to AA meetings, offering group motivation and support, except to those suffering from drug misuse. They are free of charge and open to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Regular attendance has shown to have a profound effect on success rates among those fighting drug misuse.

Remmsco Inc.
108 N. Main St.
Reidsville, NC 27320

First Presbyterian Church
318 S. Main St.
Reidsville, NC 27320

Out in the Barn
394 Cook Florist Rd
Reidsville, NC 27320

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

Self-Management and Recovery Training makes use of empirical scientific knowledge during the recovery process. More specifically, it is an international movement aimed at supporting people struggling with substance misuse issues (and other addictions). It makes use of a 4-Point Program that focuses on the reinforcement of patients’ resolve and commitment. Unlike AA and NA, SMART has no spiritual aspect.

Deep Roots Market
600 N. Eugene St.
Greensboro, NC 27401

Caramore Community Building
550 Smith Level Rd.
Carrboro, NC 27510

Binkley Baptist Church
1712 Willow Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

It is noteworthy that substance misuse affects not only the user but the people close to the individual as well. For instance, it is common knowledge that children who grow up in households where substance misuse takes place have a greater likelihood of becoming users themselves. Furthermore, there are elements of emotional distress, strain and depression in such households, which undoubtedly has a trickle-down effect on the other members of the household. These meetings cater to these other individuals.

Reidsville Alliance Church
1300 Freeway Dr.
Reidsville, NC 27320

Guilford College United Methodist Church
1205 Fleming Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27410

There are several other alternatives in cities close to Reidsville for those who need to get away from the triggers and stressors of home life.