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For adults who suffer from moderate to moderately-severe chronic pain, ConZip is an opioid analgesic medication that is sometimes prescribed by medical providers. It works on the individual’s central nervous system (CNS) to help block pain. In addition to its pain-blocking properties, ConZip also has a weak antidepressant effect. The drug is provided in an extended-release capsule that is to be taken twice a day to best benefit the patient.

Since ConZip is an opioid-based drug, it has the potential for abuse and addiction, according to the FDA (Unites States Food and Drug Administration). For recreational abusers to achieve a “high” from the opioid component, they may break open the capsule and ingest the drug by methods such as inhalation or injection (after mixing it with water). Prescription users are at risk for abuse as well. If the drug seems to not be as effective, the user may take a higher dose or take it more often than suggested. For any individual taking ConZip by means other than prescribed, they risk building a tolerance to the drug. As the tolerance increases, their body will become more dependent and then they will find they have become addicted to its use.

ConZip misuse can be seriously problematic. If you need to learn more about this drug and what can be done to stop the misuse or treatment options, check out our related topics or contact The Recovery Village via our toll-free hotline.

ConZip Related Topics

Conzip Mixing It And AlcoholDrinking alcohol while using Conzip can lead to increased central nervous system side effects, including dizziness, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating and impaired judgment. Taking a large amount of Conzip and mixing them with alcohol can lead to severe respiratory depression.
Conzip OverdoseConzip is an extended-release version of the synthetic opioid tramadol. Conzip is indicated for the management of moderate to severe chronic pain that requires around-the-clock treatment.
Taking Conzip While PregnantCan you take Conzip while pregnant? The answer is that it’s probably not safe to take Conzip or any opioid during pregnancy unless your doctor specifically tells you to.