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Everyone Myths: Minding the Myths of Everyday Conversations

We all have a personal myth path, and the more we follow our intuition, the more we’re able to evolve into the person we need to become. Collective myths provide a compass and a language to accomplish this concept we call “personal development.”

Estimated watch time: 55 mins 

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Neil Wright, LPC has a master’s in Clinical Psychology and has worked for over 10 years with individuals of all ages, professions, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds in rural, suburban, and urban areas. He has provided individual, couples, and family counseling, as well as developed tailored trainings and consultation services on a wide range of psychological topics. He writes about leadership, psychological, and mythological progression in his books Myths of Mind (Out-Lines & Intro-Struction) and consults with professionals on how to use psychology, mythology, and communication to evolve automatic thoughts and belief systems. He owns and runs his communication consulting company, Temme Meil, with his wife, Melissa Wright, who is a linguist, and author, as well.

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