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For the immediate relief of pain, Oxyado is often prescribed. It is an oral opioid-based narcotic drug prescribed to help manage acute and sometimes chronic moderate to severe pain. The drug has been designed to deter its adulteration for recreational purposes via intranasal ingestion, according to it’s manufacturer. Intranasal ingestion, or snorting as it is commonly called, is made possible when a person crushes the tablet and sniffs it directly. This is a common method for individuals to abuse narcotics and, if not snorted, they sometimes mix water with the powder to inject the drug.

Even with the composition of the drug being made to deter modification for recreational purposes, Oxyado is still considered to have a high-risk factor for abuse and addiction according to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has classified it as a Schedule II substance.

Whether used as directed or abused, the side effects of Oxyado use can include several severe reactions, with some possibly leading to death. These reactions include a sudden drop in blood pressure, breathing difficulties, and cardiac arrest.

Aside from recreational users misusing Oxyado, prescription-based users who do not follow their prescribed dosage are at risk for developing a tolerance to the drug, leading their body to require more to feel the same results. This tolerance turns into a dependency and an addiction to Oxyado for these individuals.

If you or somebody you know has become reliant on using Oxyado or is reluctant to discontinue its use, help to break this cycle is available. To learn more, check out the related topics provided or contact a representative at The Recovery Village to learn about options for recovery.

Oxaydo – See Related Topics