Methadone Addiction Related Topics

Know someone using methadone as a taper medication? Have you found yourself unable to stop using methadone after detox care? The topics below can offer you valuable insight into how methadone works, how to stop using the drug, and where to get help if you need it. If you want to speak with a specialist about methadone addiction, call The Recovery Village today and get one step closer to healing.

Methadone Related Topics

Methadone Overdose | Methadone Overdose Signs, Symptoms & TreatmentEach methadone use comes with the potential of a lethal overdose, so, it’s essential to distinguish the signs and symptoms of overdosing on this medication.
Methadone Addiction Self-Assessment QuizMethadone is used to treat opioid addictions and moderate to severe pain. Take this self-assessment quiz to see if your methadone use caused an addiction.
Methadone ClinicsMethadone clinics provide methadone treatment to those in treatment for opioid addiction to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
Methadone HotlineOur free & confidential 24-hour methadone hotline for family members, friends and those with methadone addiction and abuse.
Injecting or “Shooting Up” MethadoneMethadone is effective for treating opioid use disorder, but misusing this medication can create a variety of risks. Learn more about these risks and how to avoid them.
Methadone Taper | Tapering off MethadoneA methadone taper is one of the most common ways to treat opioid addiction. Learn why this medication is used and the effects it can have.
Methadone and AlcoholMixing the opioid methadone and alcohol can lead to harmful, even deadly complications. Learn what happens when you mix methadone and alcohol.
How To Get Off Methadone at HomeQuitting methadone at home may seem more comfortable and private, but it can be ineffective and dangerous. Learn how, why and what your options are.

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