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At Next Generation Village, we believe that teens and young adults can overcome addiction through compassionate care. Next Generation Village offers a variety of gender-specific rehab programs for adolescents struggling with drug and alcohol addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Our Teen Facility

Located in Sebring, Florida, our accredited, 40-bed facility provides customized treatment for teens ages 13–17. Our variety of dual-diagnosis rehab programs focus on physical, mental and emotional healing while providing the tools adolescents need for long-term recovery while continuing their education.


Our Location

Next Generation Village

1062 Lake Sebring Dr.
Sebring, FL 33870

Levels of Care

  • Medical Detox

    For teens who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, medical detox is the first step of rehab. This program involves…Learn More

  • Residential Treatment

    During inpatient treatment, adolescents who have completed detox can benefit from continued medical and clinical support, along with individual and…Learn More

  • Partial Hospitalization Programming

    In partial hospitalization, adolescents continue to build upon the therapy they received during detox and inpatient care. Teens live on-site…Learn More

  • Intensive Outpatient Programming

    Intensive outpatient programming is a step down from partial hospitalization. Clients live on-site during this program and continue skill-building for…Learn More

  • Aftercare and Sober Living Support

    Next Generation Village offers aftercare planning to prepare teens for a seamless transition after rehab. Clients leave Next Generation Village…Learn More

  • Treatment Therapies

    Through therapy, patients can understand the “why” behind their addiction, address the symptoms of co-occurring disorders and work through emotional…Learn More

Paying for Rehab

At Next Generation Village, accessing life-changing rehab is possible through:

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Our Staff

Our full-time medical and clinical staff at Next Generation Village ensure that each adolescent has the support they need to overcome substance abuse and mental health conditions. 

James Drury
Medical Director
Brandi Filppula

Michael Campi
Julie Spang

Our Accreditations

Next Generation Village is accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Our accreditation signifies that our rehab programs meet the highest standards of care for clients.

Tour Our Facility

To view our Sebring, Florida, facility and amenities, take a virtual tour of Next Generation Village.



Depending on the level of care, indoor and outdoor amenities at Next Generation Village include:

  • Educational enrichment and assistance
  • Computer lab
  • Swimming pool
  • Fully equipped exercise gym
  • Multiple lounges with televisions
  • Basketball court
  • Grass volleyball court
  • Pleasant lake views
  • Fishing at on-site dock
  • Yoga therapy
  • Off-site Equine therapy

swimming pool at our teen rehab

What to Expect

At Next Generation Village, we provide each teen with a safe, supportive environment in which they can begin healing from addiction. Knowing what to expect during rehab, including what to pack and what to leave at home, can help prepare teens for treatment.

We recommend that clients bring:

  • Two weeks worth of seasonally appropriate clothing
  • One-piece swimsuits for girls, knee-length board shorts for boys
  • Unopened toiletries, including sealed toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, face wash, lotion and feminine products

Items that are not permitted at our facility include:

  • Drugs or alcohol and paraphernalia or clothing depicting these substances
  • Products that contain alcohol, including hand sanitizer, mouthwash and other toiletries 
  • Vaporizers (vaping devices, vapes), cigarettes and tobacco products
  • Electronic devices with internet access
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What Does the Treatment Process Look Like?

Rehab at Next Generation Village usually follows similar patterns, but programs are personalized based on each teen’s unique needs.

  • Intake Assessment

    After arriving at our facility, clients participate in a comprehensive intake evaluation, which includes an assessment of past and current drug use, along with physical and mental health. The results of this assessment inform each teen’s specific treatment plan.

  • Medical Detox

    Most teens will need to participate in a medical detox program as their first part of rehab at Next Generation Village. Detox rids the body of drugs and alcohol and offers 24-hour medical support for withdrawal symptoms.

  • Transition to Further Treatment

    After detox, teens can transition to inpatient treatment, where they live on-site and receive continued medical support, participate in individual and group counseling and access recreational therapies and amenities, as appropriate. Teens also participate in education programming. Depending on their treatment plans, clients can also enroll in step-down programs like partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment.

What Our Clients Say

Josh Henry
Josh Henry
17:44 16 Sep 19
Travis the best best BHT
Cassidy Bream
Cassidy Bream
22:02 12 Sep 19
I’d like to start off this review by saying I am nearly 6 months sober. I stayed here from March 20th, 2019-May 10th , 2019. That being said I will state the good and the bad of the facility. Number one, if your child does not want to get sober, this place will not work. I think mike wanted everyone to leave their reviews as soon as they got out so they could talk about how great it is and how sober they are but 90% of the people I was in there with are no longer sober. I did learn a lot here, a lot of things stuck with me and I have not been to one AA or NA meeting since I’ve been out but that’s because I have the support of my family to keep my head on straight. I’ve found that no matter how strictly you follow the rules the chances are they will keep you as long as your insurance is willing to pay them. If you try to bring anything up to anyone apart of treatment team it goes in one ear and out the other. As far as I know, some of the staff that made my time there not so bad have been fired, but I’d like to shout out a few whether they are still there or not. Annie, Latifah, Tay, Carmen, Abby, Michelle, Scott, Jimmy, Shevyn, Loraine, and a few others, you all made a huge impact on my life and if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be sober. I’ll be forever grateful to you. This place also made me realize I want to be a therapist one day for teens with substance abuse issues, and that gives me something to work towards and hope for the future. Thank you to everyone that genuinely helped me and didn’t make rehab feel like the worst thing in the world. If this place didn’t have some of the people I named it would be useless. The people you meet in there are truly amazing as well. I still keep in touch with everyone I met. I’m happy to have my life back, I’m going to school and working and my social life has flourished without the alcohol which is something I never thought I’d feel or say. Although I may not have had the best experiences here all the time but I am sober and I am grateful for it.
heather marie
heather marie
18:37 01 Aug 19
I had nothing but a quality experience with kind and well trained staff at NGV. “My” nurses, Bonnie, Linda, and Lorraine, gave this momma strength when she needed it and gave my baby a daily reminder that her mom and step dad were there for her even when she couldn’t see us. They all worked with my daughter inside out, allowing me to send her the things she needed and guided her out of a dark place. They helped facilitate after care and my conversations with Mr. Campi always left me feeling assured in the decisions we were making as a family. Brandi made the arrangements seem manageable in a time when I really don’t think I could have done it alone. The BHTs that my daughter felt closest too, JaNan and Abi helped her get through the day to day fears and anxieties a child faces while in rehab. We have been given hope and guidance, we have been given a chance again.
Jillian Quinn
Jillian Quinn
16:34 28 Jul 19
I was battling opiod addiction for a year before I put myself into this program and it was an overall good experience. The group leaders are phenomenal and truly care about what it is that you’re struggling with. The director of the facility makes sure your wants and needs are responded to. It is a really good place to recover. Shoutout to Tifah who always talked me through my urges.
Katie Lowe
Katie Lowe
00:34 26 Jul 19
This rehab really turned my life around. I was never into “hard” drugs but drank and smoked weed way to often to cope with my issues. Here I was able to learn how to live and be happy sober. They have a great team of psychiatrists, therapists and group leaders that are really there to help you and care about you. However, they is ALOT of down time but it teaches you how to be happy with little things like watching a movie or reading a good book. Mike the owner really cares about the place and every patient there.
Penny Mazzilli
Penny Mazzilli
16:59 18 Jul 19
We were having problems with our insurance and getting approval for my son to go to this facility. Brandi went above and beyond to help us, even on her vacation. She didn't just forget about us or push it off on someone else. She stayed in contact with us and never stopped helping us until we got resolve. I can't thank her enough for caring and helping us in our time of need. My son has been here for a little over a week and I am amazed at the progress he has made. I am eternally grateful to Brandi and the entire staff for ALL of their help and for taking such great care of my son.

Dylan's Story

Hear how Dylan, a high school athlete, began struggling with addiction as a teenager.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that teens and their parents may have questions about the rehab process. We’re happy to answer frequently asked questions about rehab at Next Generation Village, including:

  • Is rehab for teens expensive?

    The total cost of rehab at Next Generation Village depends on several factors, including health insurance coverage, what level of care someone needs and how long they stay in treatment. Most private insurance policies will help cover the cost of addiction treatment.

    Read More About Rehab Costs

  • Are teens allowed to bring cell phones to rehab?

    To ensure that teens can focus on healing primarily, cell phones will be securely stored upon arrival at Next Generation Village and returned upon discharge. Following an adjustment period, teens can regularly communicate with family members through house phones and regular family therapy as needed.

  • How will teens keep up with schoolwork during rehab?

    Next Generation Village offers on-site educational services to ensure that adolescents can transition back to school smoothly once rehab ends.

  • Can friends and family visit during treatment?

    Family visits are facilitated through family therapy at least once a week, if applicable.

Looking for more answers about rehab? Call our facility, view answers to other frequently asked questions or read our full what to expect guide.

Communities We Serve in Florida

We welcome both in- and out-of-state clients at Next Generation Village, and we are proud to serve the Florida communities of:

Next Generation Village helps teens from Florida and beyond find treatment for lasting recovery.

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