Alcohol and Substance Abuse Resources in Billings, Montana

Drug, Alcohol, Detox and Treatment Resources

As Montana’s biggest city, Billings is filled with opportunities to enjoy natural beauty, historical artifacts, art exhibits and festivals. The “Magic City” is the only place where the explorer William Clark carved his name during his travels, and visitors and residents feel like explorers as they head to the forests, whitewater, parks and mountains in and around the city. But some explore darker places. Like many cities across the nation, Billings is battling a drug and alcohol problem.

A recent survey reported that nearly 45 percent of Yellowstone County residents have suffered negative effects of substance misuse, with 13 percent suffering a great deal. Nearly 70 percent of the area leaders consider the illicit prescription painkillers, heroin and other opioids to be a major problem. Police are also finding meth and other serious drugs on busts, while excessive alcohol use continues to be a concern for many.

Just as there are many opportunities for recreation and fun in Billings, there are also many opportunities for people who are struggling with drugs and alcohol to find help. There are detox centers and programs for drug or alcohol treatment in Billings and the surrounding areas, staffed with trained professionals who have experience with situations like yours and can support you through the process. Resources are available to help people overcome addictions, no matter how severe. Sobriety is possible. This guide is designed to explain the options for treatment so that you and your loved ones can determine the most effective strategy to find success in sobriety. You can create the positive life you deserve, and we can help.

Our Closest Facility:
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The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake Drug & Alcohol Rehab
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The Recovery Village does not operate in the state of Montana. Our closest facility is in Palmer Lake CO and can be seen in the map above.

Finding Help & Recovery in Billings, MT

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Billings, Montana

In order to find the help you deserve, you must first make a very big decision. You have to admit that you need help. It takes a lot of courage and strength to recognize that you have a problem with drug or alcohol misuse. Perhaps you feel that you’ve lost control in your life, and as a result your career, friendships and family relations are suffering. It’s not too late to do something about it. You can change your life, and you can start today. In order to determine the best plan for successful treatment, you’ll need to honestly consider your situation, the severity of your addiction and your personality. There is drug treatment in Billings that can work for you. Reach out to trained professionals who can help you move forward in sobriety.

Residential Treatment Programs

The most intensive type of treatment is known as a residential treatment program, or an inpatient program. Patients live on-site at one of Billing’s drug treatment facilities and receive constant medical oversight to ensure that their initial treatment and detoxification processes are completed in a safe manner with as little pain as possible. The first days of sobriety can be very difficult times, and the staff is always available to see to any concerns that patients may have. The treatment itself also includes a highly structured program that may involve group or individual therapy sessions as well as stress-reduction techniques that can be taught as a means of replacing negative habits with positive ones. The length of stay at the Billings drug rehab center often has to do with the severity of the addiction. Inpatient drug rehab in Billings, MT is best for those with severe addictions or those with enabling and challenging home lives.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

As the name implies, partial hospitalization programs provide a slightly lower but still significant level of medical oversight during the treatment process. Patients live at home, if it is safe and supportive, or on campus in independent-living housing units. The added freedom and flexibility with this level of treatment makes it better for those with less severe addictions who still may require structure as they transition to a sober lifestyle. Like inpatient programs, there is a structured program that can include therapy and other workshops, but it is designed to keep patients safe as they begin to make their own healthy decisions.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

The last major type of treatment program is known as an outpatient program. Sometimes individuals will utilize an outpatient program as part of a tiered approach to recovery, but those who have been able to identify their addictions while still maintaining a level of control over jobs and relationships can begin here. Participants in outpatient drug rehab in Billings, MT live at home, as there are no housing units available, so the level of flexibility is quite high. You can still go to work or school during your treatment, but you will receive support and limited medical attention to help you reach your goals.

It can be difficult to determine which type of treatment will be effective for you. There are a few things to consider that can help you make a decision. First, document your history with drugs and alcohol, including the amount of time you have used and the types of substances. Next, consider your home life to decide if it will be better or worse to stay at home during this big life change. Finally, look into your health insurance policy. Some medical coverage includes drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Detoxification is simply ridding the body of chemical substances and stopping further intake. For those who are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, this process comes with sometimes quite serious side effects known as withdrawal. There is no reason to go through this process alone. In fact, new medical technology has made the process much safer and smoother for many people. Detoxing from some drugs can be dangerous, so seek the medical treatment you deserve in your beginning stages of recovery.

While some choose to go through detox either within their treatment process at a drug rehab center in Billings, MT or at an individual Billings drug detoxification center, it is important to remember that detox is just the first step. Cravings and habits will still exist, and the most effective treatments include the challenging but vital work of addressing the underlying issues that are provoking these negative behaviors. It is difficult to be honest, but getting to understand and love yourself is the best work you can do. It is the best way to stay sober for life.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Billings

Very few people can go through this alone. No one has to do it alone. For more than 80 years, there have been recovery groups that meet regularly to support people like you in their journey in sobriety. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery have helped thousands of people work through the daily stress of life in a healthy, positive way. There are many of these groups meeting in the Billings area. They are free, and they can help.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

The nation’s oldest and most widely used recovery group is Alcoholics Anonymous. People have been participating in daily meetings. They are scheduled throughout the day in almost every town in the nation, as well as internationally and at many big recreational events since 1935. There is no excuse not to go to a meeting. Share experiences, work through the 12 steps and celebrate the milestones that come just “one day at a time.” There are many meetings relating to alcohol rehab in Billings, Montana.

West End Group
2931 Colton Blvd.
Billings, MT 59101

Gap to Recovery Group
1301 Ave. D
Billings, MT 59101

Brown Baggers
1241 Crawford Dr.
Billings, MT 59101

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Recovery groups are most effective when you can relate tot the experiences your fellow participants are sharing. As a result, Narcotics Anonymous was formed 20 years after AA so that those battling drug addictions would have meetings of their own. Today, thousands of people work through the 12 steps and work with their sponsors to stay drug free for life. There are many meetings relating to drug rehab in Billings, Montana.

Solutions Seekers
17 N. 31st St.
Billings, MT 59101

Sticks & Stones Group
244 Wicks Lane
Billings, MT 59101

New Freedom Group
2757 Phyllis Cir.
Billings, MT 59101

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

The AA and NA meetings are not effective for everyone, but that’s no reason to give up completely on recovery groups. Consider SMART Recovery, which is a more modern process. Participants work through motivational techniques to find empowerment and self-responsibility that allow them to make good choices every day. There are four points to work through that bring confidence through regular meetings. There are fewer SMART Recovery meetings, but there is one in the Billings area.

First United Methodist Church
1935 Ave. B
Billings, MT 59102

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

There are recovery meetings for the loved ones of people battling addictions as well. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon family meetings are free and powerful ways to find support during a very difficult time. Family members, friends and co-workers can attend these meetings whether or not their loved one has entered treatment or recovery. Work through your own 12 steps, and learn from the experiences of people who are going through similarly challenging times. There are many of these meetings in the Billings area.

Peace Lutheran Church
1301 Ave. D
Billings, MT 59102

Susanna Wesley’s Place of St. Paul’s
512 Logan St.
Helena, MT 59601

Some individuals would prefer to go through treatment in a town other than where they live. This is your choice. You should choose whatever treatment program is most comfortable for you. There are additional resources in other nearby cities that can help you.