Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Miami, Florida

Society teaches that there is no stronger bond than the bond of family members. Whether parents to children or significant others to one another, familial ties are of the utmost importance. However, this does not mean that the bond is easy or picture perfect. There are times in life when circumstances, emotions, and perceptions can become too much for the family, or couple, to handle internally and without professional help.

There is nothing wrong with seeking outside help with your marriage or family issues. Just as you would seek out doctors for illnesses beyond your level of care, marriage and family therapy programs provide you access to professional therapists who can help close to home in Miami.

There are a number of reasons people choose to go to marriage and family therapy. Perhaps you are dealing with parent/child conflicts, eldercare issues, or a major life change. Perhaps someone in your family is struggling with addiction and needs the support of substance abuse resources in Miami. Or perhaps you feel that your marriage or family is at the breaking point and your home life is not as happy or healthy as it should be. Regardless of what issues your family faces, marriage and family counseling in Miami can help.

Marriage Counseling in Miami, Florida

Marriage counseling in Miami is designed to help intimately involved couples deal with any issues that could be negatively affecting the quality and overall happiness of the relationship. Issues addressed in marriage counseling can range from communication to problem-solving, with an overall focus on mutual understanding. As with individualized counseling, understanding the roots of the problem is how your relationship begins to heal.

Miami Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy involves working as a couple and as individuals. The success of marriage therapy is dependent on how involved both members of the couple are in the therapeutic process. In general, marriage therapy sessions occur on a weekly basis. The therapist will help the couple identify issues in the relationship of which one or the other might not yet be aware, deal with past traumas or struggles in a constructive manner, work on identifying mutual goals, and learn how to communicate more effectively.
The marriage therapy sessions allow for emotions to flow freely with the guidance of a professional. This enables discussions that could otherwise turn into disruptive fights in the household into a teaching tool in therapy. There are cases in which the therapist will encourage individual therapy sessions as well as marriage counseling, depending on the individual circumstance.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

The key to successful marriage counseling in Miami is consistency. Once you have found the right marriage therapist for you and your significant other, attending sessions regularly is a must for success. Do not fret if you have to go out of town, however, as online marriage counseling may also be available to you.

Just as important as your commitment as a couple to marriage therapy is the experience and professionalism of your marriage therapist. Make sure to find a counselor who possesses the following attributes:

  • Certified and Specialized: Your marriage therapist should have the proper certifications, as well as experience in the specific area with which you and your loved one are struggling.
  • Understanding: Marriage counseling is a very personal experience for you and your significant other. Building trust with your therapist is key to letting down the walls of the inner workings of your relationship, so search for a therapist who will be empathetic and care about your personal story.
  • Out of Session Availability: There might be times throughout the therapy process in which you need the quick advice of your trusted marriage therapist, so find counselors who will make themselves available in cases of dire need outside of scheduled sessions.

You might have more specifications for your desired marriage counselor or still might not be sure where to start. If you would like to speak with someone to ask more individualized questions about marriage counseling in Miami, a trusted local substance abuse center is a good resource. The mental health community in Miami works together to help in all aspects of life and can provide you confidential help 24/7.

Family Therapy Miami, FL

Miami family therapy provides a forum for all family members to have a voice in a safe place to help work toward a solution to whatever problems the family may be battling. In structural family therapy, sessions are held on a regular schedule with a licensed professional to allow each member of the family to take ownership of harmful behaviors to the group dynamic, learn communication and problem-solving mechanisms, and gain an overall sense of understanding and empathy for all members of the family. Strategic family therapy can help family members overcome traumatic events or learn how to cope with extreme changes in living circumstances, such as financial stress or long-distance moves. The therapist is there to help build a bridge of communication to work toward a more peaceful household and family dynamic.

Miami Family Counseling

Family counseling in Miami functions much like group counseling sessions. The family meets at the family counseling center and each person is allowed the opportunity to express feelings and receive validation and feedback from both the therapist and the other family members. Family counseling services provide a forum for difficult or uncomfortable issues affecting the family unit to be discussed and addressed in a positive manner. The ultimate goal is to work toward a solution for your family, no matter what may be occurring at home.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Seeking out marriage and family counseling is an important step and should be handled with care. Take the time to research all options for Miami family therapy through a variety of available recommendations:

  • Your friends, neighbors, and co-workers have likely experienced marriage and family therapy themselves and can provide personal and trusted recommendations.
  • Your family doctor knows you and your family well and can help match you to a therapist.
  • Your insurance provider can always give a list of in and out of network practitioners that can help narrow the search field.

You can always utilize an internet search for general information. However, marriage and family counseling is extremely personal and you might have more specific questions than what you can find online. Reaching out to a local substance abuse center provides access to an individual equipped to answer your questions and help you on your journey toward familial health and happiness.