Klonopin Addiction Related Topics

As part of the benzodiazepine class of drugs, Klonopin can be extremely addictive if used irresponsibly or over extended periods of time. If you’re addicted to Klonopin or know someone who is, helpful resources can be found below. With the right information, support system and treatment program, you can break free from your substance use disorder. For additional help, reach out to The Recovery Village.

Klonopin Related Topics

Klonopin and AlcoholIf you combine Klonopin with alcohol, you'll greatly increase your health risks.
Klonopin vs. XanaxKlonopin and Xanax are two medications often mentioned in the same discussion around treatment of certain conditions. But is there a significant difference? How are the two different and what does someone prescribed one of these drugs need to be mindful of? Learn more about each drug.
Dangers of Mixing Klonopin With Other DrugsKlonopin can have serious side effects when mixed with other drugs. Learn about the dangers of mixing Klonopin with other drugs and alcohol.
Clonazepam for Opiate WithdrawalBeyond the potential for addiction and dependence, clonazepam can have other side effects as well.
Klonopin for Opiate WithdrawalTaking Klonopin for opiate withdrawal isn’t necessarily a good option because Klonopin is highly addictive, and it also leads to physical dependence.
Klonopin Addiction Self-Assessment QuizKlonopin is a benzodiazepine that can be addictive. Take this self-assessment quiz to examine your Klonopin use and see if you may need addiction treatment.
How to Taper Off KlonopinTapering off of Klonopin is a mult-step process. If not done correctly, it can cause uncomfortable side effects. Learn how a doctor can help you taper off Klonopin.
What You Need to Know About Taking Klonopin While PregnantIf you are a Klonopin patient and wondering if you can use Klonopin while you are pregnant, set a up a meeting with your doctor to discuss your options.
Klonopin HotlineOur free & confidential 24-hour Klonopin hotline for family members, friends and those with Klonopin addiction and abuse.

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