Marijuana Addiction Related Topics

Know someone using marijuana but don’t know how to help? Want to learn more about the different forms of the drug? Need to speak with someone immediately about marijuana abuse? Find the answers and the help you need here. To talk with one of our intake coordinators about marijuana addiction and the types of treatment available, call The Recovery Village today.

Marijuana Related Topics

Marijuana Edibles: 3 Dangers of Use and AbuseBecause it’s easy to eat too much and comes in a palatable and easy-to-use form, it’s not difficult to begin regular use of the substance.
Marijuana HotlineOur toll-free, confidential 24-hour marijuana hotline for family members and people with marijuana addiction and abuse. National helplines for the U.S.
Marijuana Overdose | Can You Overdose on Marijuana?Exploring the question of whether an individual can overdose on marijuana helps drive a productive, albeit still flawed, dialogue in the United States.
Effects of Marijuana on DogsThe following is more information about marijuana and dogs, and the effect of marijuana on dogs.
Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?People wonder if there are links between marijuana and schizophrenia, so what’s the truth? Does marijuana cause schizophrenia?
Marijuana and Zoloft Interactions, Effects, & ReactionsThere are details about the possibility of marijuana and Zoloft interactions, effects & reactions.
Teens Smoking PotWhile smoking weed or pot (marijuana) has some serious implications, disciplining your child may not be the best way to proceed. Teens are notorious for grinding in their heels against any authoritarian action.
Long-Term Effects of CannabisCannabis, commonly called marijuana, is a psychoactive drug that produces mind-altering effects. Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, marijuana contains over 400 chemicals, the most notable being THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) -which is the main chemical ingredient that produces the psychoactive effects.
Names for CannabisAs a popular recreational drug, cannabis is well known –most commonly as weed, pot or marijuana. Because it was an illegal drug for many years, cannabis has garnered many slang names over time.
Taking Marijuana While PregnantIf you are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant and wonder if you can smoke marijuana or "weed" while pregnant, set up a meeting with your doctor.