Mental Health Counselors, Facilities, and Programs in Port Arthur, TX

Substance misuse counseling is a form of therapy that helps people who are struggling with substance use disorders. This type of counseling is often an integral part of alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs such as those offered by The Recovery Village.

Port Arthur, Texas, and nearby areas have several resources for individuals seeking substance misuse counseling and a healthier, substance-free life. These individuals can meet with licensed drug counselors or certified alcohol counselors for a safe and effective recovery.

Port Arthur, Texas Addiction Counseling

While the roles for addiction counselors vary depending on their client, they generally are there to listen and support their clients during instances of a crisis through recovery. Addiction counselors are licensed professionals who are often trained in psychology, human behavior, chemical therapy, therapeutic methods, and more to give their clients a strong sense of support and care.

Substance misuse counselors listen to clients describe their physical and psychological issues surrounding substance use to discover the roots of their addictive behavior. Other aspects which may be included in substance misuse counseling include:

  • Attending group therapy sessions.
  • Developing treatment goals and plans.
  • Learning positive coping mechanisms.
  • Receiving recommendations for 12-step programs or support groups.
  • Setting up aftercare or sober living plans.
  • Re-establishing a career and finding employment.

If you are seeking a substance misuse counselor in Port Arthur, Texas, it is highly important you find a counselor who is a good match for you. You should trust the opinion of your substance misuse counselor, and they should be compassionate and supportive while providing safe and effective advice regardless of what stage of recovery you are in.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A local, licensed drug counselor is a person who helps individuals suffering from all types of drug addiction or those who have already completed a rehabilitation program. The purpose of a local substance counselor is to support individuals who have struggled with substance use disorder live happier, healthier, substance-free lives. A local licensed drug counselor could support their client by recommending 12-step programs, support groups, treatment facilities, or simply offering a listening ear to help uncover any co-occurring disorders or psychological issues.

If you are seeking a licensed substance counselor in Port Arthur or the surrounding area, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can access Psychology Today’s online database to find a licensed drug counselor in your area. You can also search counselors by credentials and experience to find a good fit for your situation.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Similar to a local licensed drug counselor, a local licensed alcohol counselor supports individuals who are specifically suffering from alcoholism, people who are in a rehabilitation program, or those who are past that stage in their recovery journey. A local certified alcohol counselor can help clients by encouraging them to seek substance use disorder treatment as well as supporting their continued recovery. Be sure that your local licensed drug counselor is certified by a reputable organization to ensure you are getting the best support possible.

Drug Addiction Counselors in Port Arthur, Texas

Drug addiction counselors provide safe and supportive environments for individuals in recovery. While talking to patients one-on-one, drug addiction counselors listen to patients’ struggles with addiction and explore the roots of their dependence.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use disorder, you’ve come to the right place. There are several ways to find an addiction counselor, and an easy way to start is contacting hotlines for alcohol (1-800-252-6465) and drug (1-800-821-4357) misuse to seek information on your local options.

You can also contact The Recovery Village to speak to a representative directly about seeking help for your substance use disorder. The Recovery Village is a free and confidential resource for those who need someone to talk to about beginning their recovery. The Recovery Village can also provide you with information on rehabilitation programs, payment options, and local counselors who can support you during this difficult time.