Cocaine use not only affects someone’s physical health but it can also affect their mental well-being, too. When someone struggles with cocaine addiction and a mental health disorder, they have co-occurring disorders or a dual diagnosis. When someone has co-occurring disorders, both their substance abuse and mental health disorder need to be treated at the same time. If one disorder is treated and the other is not, treatment may not be effective.

Common Co-Occuring Mental Health Disorders With Cocaine Addiction

Relationship Between Mental Health and Cocaine Use

Approximately half of everyone who experiences a mental health condition will also struggle with a substance use disorder — including cocaine addiction — during their lifetimes, and vice versa, reports the National Institue on Drug Abuse.

Mental Health and Cocaine Statistics

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), approximately 44 percent of people diagnosed with mental health disorders also have a cocaine use disorder. Additionally, NBER reports that 84 percent of people diagnosed with mental health disorders have used cocaine at some point in their lifetime.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction and Comorbid Mental Health Disorders

Effective treatment options exist for people who struggle with cocaine abuse, mental health conditions or both. The Recovery Village offers high-quality treatment for co-occurring disorders, including cocaine addiction and mental health issues.

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