Centrax (Prazepam) Addiction

Centrax, also known as prazepam, is an anti-anxiety prescription medication. As a benzodiazepine drug, Centrax has therapeutic benefits as well as some negative side effects. Centrax has the potential to be addictive and habit-forming. To reduce this risk that all benzodiazepines carry, patients should only receive these drugs as a short-term treatment that lasts no more than a few weeks. Regardless of this recommendation, benzodiazepines, or “benzos,” are widely prescribed inappropriately and often abused. Benzodiazepines like Centrax affect the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain. As a result, they can affect dopamine levels. When drugs and other substances affect dopamine levels, a reward response is triggered in the brain. The brain and body actually adapt to these levels, in reaction to the drug, and require more of the drug to produce a chemical balance.

When a person is struggling with substance use disorder, they display certain symptoms. These symptoms usually include compulsive, uncontrolled drug seeking and use despite negative consequences. Repeated exposure to a drug changes the brain, affecting regions that are responsible for judgment, decision-making, behavioral control and more.

Centrax (Prazepam) Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a chronic disease, but it can be treated. Unfortunately, there is often the misconception that someone can simply choose to stop using the drug and, after doing this, they are cured. As a chronic disease, addiction requires a more complex treatment. The objectives of any Centrax addiction treatment and rehab program are to help the individual stop using drugs and re-enter their life and family in a productive way.

Certain components need to be present in an effective Centrax addiction treatment program. First, the addiction treatment and rehab program needs to recognize the fact that there isn’t one right treatment plan for every person. Addiction treatment needs to be accessible and holistic. A good Centrax addiction treatment program doesn’t just treat the drug use. It treats the other components in a person’s life that have contributed to addiction and have been affected by addiction. Most Centrax addiction treatment and rehab programs focus on counseling and behavioral therapies. In some cases, patients are also prescribed medications to treat underlying mental health conditions or physical health conditions.

What Happens During Centrax (Prazepam) Addiction Treatment and Rehab?

The first step of a substance use disorder treatment and rehab program is typically a medical detox. Following a medical detox, there is an assessment to understand the individualized needs of the patient. For example, does the patient have co-occurring mental health conditions or polysubstance abuse issues? Treatment plans are individualized and they are regularly altered as the patient’s needs change. Inpatient Centrax use disorder treatment is often best for patients who have previously tried other options unsuccessfully. Inpatient drug treatment is also good for patients with long-term or severe addictions. Outpatient Centrax use disordertreatment programs are better suited for people who have less severe addictions.

Regardless of whether a patient participates in an inpatient or outpatient rehab program, the initial weeks are often the most intensive. The first portion of rehab will include many sessions throughout the week. Then, patients can gradually move into less intensive programs. Once someone completes Centrax use disorder treatment and rehab, their care team will put together an aftercare plan. This aftercare plan is based on the coping strategies learned during treatment to help them avoid relapse. It will often include planning to attend therapy sessions and 12-step or similar support programs.

The primary objective of all of these different treatment components is to help patients change their behaviors and attitudes. Centrax addiction treatment and rehab should also help people learn healthy and productive life skills. A successful substance use disorder treatment program is tailored to the individual and addresses all of the elements of substance use disorder. It is also important that the program is long enough to assist patients to recover. In many cases, substance use disorder treatment programs will also include family and loved ones of the patient.

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