Next Step Village® Welcome Guide:
What to Expect in Aftercare

Your Journey to Health Starts Here

On behalf of everyone at Next Step Village®, congratulations on taking another step toward a healthier you. This guide will introduce you to our sober living facilities and help answer your most pressing questions before your arrival. Here you’ll get an idea of what to bring with you and what daily life will look like. We are excited to welcome you and are honored to be a part of your healing process — we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Next Steps

Now that you’ve decided to begin treatment at Next Step Village®, it’s time to prepare for your stay. Knowing what to bring, what to leave behind and how to reach our Florida sober living homes sets the stage for your successful recovery.

  • What to Bring

    This guide ensures you have everything you need while you’re with us, so you can focus on what’s really important — healing. We recommend that new residents pack the following items:

    • Insurance and pharmacy card
    • Driver license/state ID
    • Access to cash (laundry)
    • If you smoke: cigarettes/tobacco products
    • Two weeks worth of season-appropriate clothing
    • Comfortable sleepwear
    • One-piece swimsuits for ladies, knee-length board shorts for men
    • Toothbrush, unopened toothpaste, and alcohol-free mouthwash
    • Unopened shampoo and conditioner
    • Unopened sunscreen
    • Unopened face wash and moisturizer
    • Unopened lotion
    • Unopened lip balm
    • Unopened feminine products
    • All personal toiletries and food (not provided)
    • Positive reading material
    • Pictures of family and friends
    • Music device
    • Electronics and chargers (WIFI is provided)
    • Insulin (if dependent)
    • Prescribed non-narcotic medications
    • Shaving razors
    • A hat, if desired

    Please note: Electrical items (e.g. hairdryer, curling iron, electric shavers) are allowed, but will be checked for safety.

  • What Not to Bring

    Outpatient and aftercare serve as an opportunity to distance yourself from the people, places and ways of thinking that contribute to your drug or alcohol use. Because of this, we prohibit patients from bringing certain items to Next Step Village® to help them focus on recovery. Items not permitted at our facility include:

    • Drugs or alcohol
    • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia (including hookah pipes)
    • Illegal substances or mood-altering drugs (including over-the-counter products that may alter mood such as kratom)
    • Weapons (toys – paintball guns, bb guns etc. are NOT permitted)
    • Narcotic medications (including medicinal/licensed marijuana)
    • Clothing depicting drugs, drug paraphernalia, explicit language and/or images
    • Expensive or excessive jewelry
    • Products or substances containing alcohol (E.g. mouthwash, hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, kombucha, etc.)
    • Opened toiletry products (including lotion and shampoos)
    • Opened packs of cigarettes
    • Opened vitamin bottles

Travel Details

During the admissions process, all necessary travel accommodations are booked and confirmed by you or your loved ones. You are free to come to the facility via car, or you can arrange travel here via airplane, train or bus. Wherever you’re coming from, our staff will provide transportation from all local train stations, bus stations and airports. If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll be picked up from the airport and transported to our facility. Transportation is provided to outpatient (individual and group session), doctors appointments, and designated 12- step meetings.

Expectations After Arrival

Within the first 24 hours after your arrival, you can expect:

To ensure the safety and sobriety of both new and current residents, each resident must consent to a search of both their person and belongings before arriving at Next Step Village. During this search, staff members will collect any items not permitted during treatment and store them in a safe and secure place to be returned when your stay is complete. Though there are searches after the initial intake process, it is the resident’s responsibility to ensure there is no contraband brought onto the property. Random searches of personal belongings can be conducted at any time during residency at Next Step Village®.
Upon arrival, you’ll be asked about your substance use, psychiatric history, and social and legal history. There will also be an orientation with the house manager, with whom you can discuss insurance coverage.
Your health is our first priority when you arrive. You will undergo a medical exam and discuss your goals for treatment before you get to Next Step Village.

Cell Phone Use

To give you full autonomy over your recovery, cell phones are allowed at the Next Step Village®. Use is not limited except for during the following: Not allowed to be used in morning meditation, house meetings, clinical sessions, medical sessions, outpatient groups, or 12 step meetings.

Our Communities

Located across the greater Orlando and Central Florida area, our sober living communities are designed with your needs in mind. We offer co-ed and gender-specific options, so you can recover in comfort. Our recreation options and helpful amenities make Next Step Village® the perfect place to turn over a new leaf and continue your recovery.


Our amenities are part of what makes Next Step Village® so unique. A sample of the amenities and activities that are offered include*:

  • Sand volleyball court
  • Basketball court
  • Clubhouse
  • On-site laundry
  • Cable/internet/television
  • Coffee bar
  • Computer lab
  • Fire pit
  • Ping pong table
  • Pool table
  • Access to full kitchen
  • Job placement resources
  • Off-site recreational activities including bowling, sporting events, community art festivals, spring and beach visits, and more
  • Education and community service assistance

* Activities may change from time to time or from season to season. Your access to these amenities will vary depending on situational medical recommendations.


No food and snacks are provided to residents at Next Step Village®. Food must either be purchased off-site or prepared in an on-site kitchen.

Sleeping Arrangements

Next Step Village® will provide you with a comfortable place to rest during your outpatient and aftercare treatment. Currently, we offer accommodations at co-ed apartments as well as male-only and female-only sober homes based on availability and individual preference. Most rooms have between one and two beds, with at least one television in every bedroom. Bathrooms are shared per room.

A Day in the Life

Your days at Next Step Village® will be spent learning how to live free from drug and alcohol use outside of a rehab facility. You’ll find new hobbies, make lasting connections and rediscover your own personal interests without relying on substances.

Living in a sober home or apartment during the aftercare and outpatient process gives you the accountability you need to continue recovery. While daily life in a sober living facility varies from person to person, the sample schedule below will give you an idea of what to expect at Next Step Village®.

Types of Therapy

No therapy is offered at Next Step Village®. Residents must attend off-site sessions throughout the course of their stay.

  • Connector.

    Family Visits and Therapy

    Onsite visits are not allowed / minors are not allowed.

  • Connector.

    Off-Site Visits

    Off-site opportunities are offered occasionally at Next Step Village®. With a computer lab and on-site recreational opportunities, Next Step Village® offers you a variety of ways to relax and unwind.

  • Connector.

    Smoke Breaks

    For some recovering substance users, smoking can be helpful in curbing cravings and staying focused on sobriety. Because of this, Next Step Village® allows residents to smoke in designated areas.

Collegiate Opportunities

Residents of Next Step Village are now eligible for state tuition waivers that can be used to attend any public Florida university, state college or technical school free of charge.

Florida residents can attend college tuition-free for as long as they reside at Next Step Village. They can also apply for financial aid, including student loans and Pell Grants. Individuals who are not Florida residents can still qualify for state tuition waivers and can apply for financial aid, but have to pay the difference between the cost of in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition.

Residents at Next Step Village who become students also receive free rides through LYNX, which is the public transportation system in Orange, Seminole and Osceola County.

Alumni Mentoring Program

During your outpatient and aftercare program at Next Step Village®, you’ll become a part of a dynamic family of recovering patients, but that camaraderie doesn’t end when you leave. Our alumni mentoring program pairs you with a former patient who is in successful recovery to serve as your accountability partner, helping you remain sober. Staying connected with others who understand your struggle can be a strategic aspect of continuous recovery. And if you would ever like to return as a mentor to help someone else, we encourage you to do so.

Our Staff

  • Troy Nielsen

    Director of Aftercare Services

    As director of operations at Next Step Village, Troy brings more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of mental health and substance abuse dependency. He specializes in chemical dependency, conduct disorder, oppositional defiance, anger management, grief and loss, family conflict, depression, anxiety, trauma, and issues surrounding self-esteem. Troy holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in social work from Utah State University and a master’s degree in mental health counseling from the University of Phoenix. He is a licensed mental health counselor, certified addictions professional, certified e-therapist, and qualified supervisor in the state of Florida.

  • Michael Griggs

    Senior House Manager

    Michael R. Griggs is the senior house manager at Next Step Village. Mr. Griggs assists the program manager and is responsible for overseeing daily operations at Next Step Village Maitland and support of Next Step Village Eustis. He is a graduate of The Recovery Village in Umatilla and Next Step Village Eustis. Mr. Griggs offers comprehensive knowledge of 12-Step programs and life skills, along with extensive experience in management, customer service and hospitality.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider prior to admitting at Next Step Village® to understand your individual benefits plan. Please note that your insurance plan may not be a “participating provider” with Next Step Village®. You are responsible for all non-covered and out-of-pocket costs related to your treatment stay.

What To Expect – Next Step Village
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