Timothy Wienecke, MA, LPCC
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Timothy Wienecke, MA, LPCC
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I have spent the last decade training and educating in a variety of settings on a broad range of topics. I got my start as a primary trainer for various technical positions as a Signals Analyst working with the NSA. That is where I realized I enjoy giving people the skills and knowledge they need to be effective in the places that are important to them. My command noticed my passion and tapped me for a more delicate and difficult task to be a primary trainer for the Air Force’s Bystander Intervention program. I spent the next three years training over 3000 Airmen how to notice and engage effectively to stop harassment and sexual assault before it happens. In recognition of my efforts, I earned many accolades, ranging from Airman of the Quarter to Early Promotion and an Air Force Achievement Medal for impact. The enjoyment of these tasks is what led me to leave the Air Force and enter the mental health and advocacy fields full time.

After leaving the military, I became employed as a peer educator for the Auraria Campus and the facilitator to launch Colorado University at Denver’s Peer Advocates for Veteran Education program. I took the skills gained in the military and learned how to connect with traditional college students, university staff, and the business community. I taught and developed curriculum for time management, communication skills, gender dynamics, bystander intervention, cross-cultural communication, military culture, and many other topics over my three years in those positions. Again, people took note of my passion, skill, and effort; naming me the Feminist Ally of the Year, awarded a Life Time Achievement Award by the Phoenix Center at Auraria, and I left the campus as the Outstanding Graduate of the CU Counseling program.

Since leaving the Auraria campus, I have jumped into the greater Denver community to continue empowering people with the skills, knowledge, and drive to move themselves and their organizations toward their goals. I have trained Fire Fighters on how to maintain focus and cope with the trauma they see in the world, taught clinicians the knowledge needed to serve men and the veteran community, and helped corporate employees focus in and communicate to complete their goals as a team.

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