Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams
Social Media

    After graduating from the University of Denver, Kelsey began her career at an L.A.-based boutique PR agency where she worked with clients in the consumer goods, healthcare and live entertainment industries. In 2008, she joined the global Paul Mitchell marketing team and contributed to product launches, created copy for promotional campaigns and was integral to the growth of Paul Mitchell’s digital and social media presence.

    In January 2015, Kelsey moved back to her hometown of Denver to pursue an opportunity with Shane Company, an independent jewelry retailer with stores in 13 states. In this position, she led the ongoing strategy, creative direction and strategic partnerships for Shane Company’s social media and content marketing initiatives.

    In April 2017, Kelsey was approached with a consulting opportunity at a Colorado-based clothing brand that was born out of a dream to make a difference for people with mobility challenges. She was inspired to forge a new path as a consultant, and today, she is fortunate to partner with brands that align with her passions and values, helping them find their voice and define strategy.

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