Jessica Hames, MA, CAP
Community Education Speaker
Jessica Hames, MA, CAP

Ms. Hames is the Executive Director of Gainesville Peer Respite (GPR), which is a nonprofit agency that provides peer support services to Alachua County, Florida and beyond. Prior to joining GPR, Ms. Hames worked in the non-profit sector for more than five years and has more than ten years of experience working in the mental health and substance abuse fields. Ms. Hames is also well-versed in compliance, risk management, health and safety, training, Medicaid billing, contractual billing, and grant writing. Ms. Hames holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a special concentration in forensic psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Psychology, and is a Ph.D. Candidate (expected to be conferred in July 2021) in Forensic Psychology. Ms. Hames holds certification as an Additions Professional from the Florida Certification Board (FCB), is currently seeking the Certified Recovery Peer Specialist credential via the FCB, and is certified as a Crime Scene Investigator via Kaplan University.

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