Bridget Richard, LISW-S
Community Education Speaker
Bridget Richard, LISW-S

I was born and raised in North East Ohio where I continue to live with my husband and two children. Early in my career, I dedicated myself to the pursuit of mental wellness through my work in juvenile diversion, and support of the severely mentally ill. Soon I felt the call to specialize in mental health and obtained my master’s degree in social work from Cleveland State University which led me to my work as a psychotherapist.

Lamplight Counseling Services is the product of combining my work in private and community-based settings into one location. It was important to me that client’s young and old be able to meet with therapists from a variety of specialties and feel safe in processing their challenges past and present. My goal is to strengthen families and communities by helping each client gain insight into new ways of managing or even eliminating barriers to their success.

When I am not providing therapy services, I enjoy helping other social workers in my field to achieve their independent license through providing clinical supervision. I also am happy to speak to community organizations and volunteer to help those in need in and around our community.

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