What Is an OxyContin High Like?

When it comes to opioid abuse and addiction, OxyContin is a drug that’s often specifically highlighted. Oxycodone (commonly nicknamed oxy) is a drug that is front and center in the opioid epidemic, and it’s one that worries many medical professionals, despite the fact that it does have therapeutic pain-relieving abilities.

So, what is it about an OxyContin high that makes it so powerful? What are the OxyContin high effects that occur when someone abuses this drug? This page outlines topics related to an oxycodone high, and the oxy-high feeling that becomes gripping and difficult to escape for so many people.

OxyContin High | What is OxyContin High Like?
First, before exploring the specifics of an OxyContin high, what is this drug?

OxyContin is a brand-name, prescription pain reliever classified as an opioid or a narcotic. It’s an extended-release drug that contains pure oxycodone, which is derived from opium. It can be used to treat chronic pain since it is an extended-release drug.

If someone takes it orally, as prescribed and instructed, they’re probably not going to feel much of a high. Unfortunately, people tend to frequently abuse this powerful painkiller, which is why it’s so significantly associated with the nation’s opioid epidemic.

When someone takes OxyContin, it binds to opioid receptors in the central nervous system and then the perception of pain is diminished. OxyContin can also lead to feelings of euphoria in some cases, particularly if it’s abused, as well as relaxation. Once the euphoric OxyContin high has worn off, people tend to feel drowsy, which is a common effect of all opioids.

The theory is that if someone is using OxyContin exactly as prescribed, it’s an effective medication that doesn’t necessarily cause the person to feel high or lead to addiction. However, when it’s taken in certain ways, this isn’t the case.

The ways it’s abused to lead to an OxyContin high can include crushing it to snort it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it. When this happens, the person taking the drug is no longer experiencing the slower onset of action that this drug is intended to have since it’s extended-release. Instead, they’re getting all of the effects at once, and OxyContin is very powerful when used this way.

The OxyContin high effects when the drug is abused like this include a sense of euphoria. Most people find that the OxyContin high effects are incredibly pleasant, and in the process of experiencing this oxy-high feeling, the brain’s reward pathway is stimulated. When this happens, it contributes to the development of drug addiction.

Along with feeling euphoric, the Oxy high feeling can include a sense of well-being and relaxation. People may have a false sense of comfort and a pleasurable sensibility, no matter what’s actually happening around them. The oxy-high feeling is similar to what happens when someone uses heroin because both drugs act on the central nervous system.

Some people may also want to get an even more profound oxy-drug high by combining it with another substance, such as benzodiazepines like Xanax or alcohol. These mixtures are incredibly dangerous because OxyContin depresses the central nervous system, and these other substances do as well. Mixing these substances can lead to such a high level of central nervous system depression that a person overdoses or dies.

OxyContin, since it is a time-release formulation, has a large amount of pure oxycodone in it. This is compared to other drugs such as Percocet, which have much lower concentrations of oxycodone. When someone takes OxyContin recreationally that concentration of oxycodone makes for an incredibly powerful high that takes hold quickly.

What is an OxyContin high like? This can depend on the individual, how much they take and whether or not they’re opioid-tolerant, but in general, an OxyContin high includes a rush of euphoria and a pleasant sense of well-being.

This is usually pretty short-lived, and then following that a person will start to become relaxed and also very drowsy. You will often notice that someone who uses OxyContin will seem to nod off at strange times or seem very sleepy or confused. This can last for several hours after taking OxyContin.

Over time an OxyContin high will become less powerful because it doesn’t take much use for someone to become tolerant to the effects of opioids. As someone builds a tolerance to opioids, they will need to take larger doses to get the same effects, and they may also not get much of a high at all. Unfortunately, even when someone is tolerant to OxyContin and opioids, they continue to need the drugs because their body has become physically dependent on them, even when they’re not getting the pleasurable high.

What is an OxyContin High Like?
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