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In light of the increase in abuse of opioid drugs in the United States, a manufacturer named Daiichi Sankyo has created what is called an “abuse-deterring” opioid analgesic drug. This drug is MorphaBond, an extended-release pain management prescription-based medication. In addition to the main morphine component, the drug also has a feature called SentryBond – a set of inactive ingredients included for the purpose of making the intentional abuse of this drug more difficult.

Most opioids when readied for misuse are first crushed and then inhaled, or water is added so they can be injected. The addition of water to MorphaBond is where the abuse deterrent occurs. Once water is added to the crushed form of the drug, the combination creates a viscous substance that is not readily inhalable or injectable through a needle.

Despite this added feature, abuse of MorphaBond is still possible via more traditional means. This typically happens when a prescription user feels less effects of the drug on their pain. In an effort to alleviate the pain, they may take the drug more frequently or take more than the suggested amount. This is problematic as the intent is that MorphaBond, because of its extended-release formulation, is taken only at 12-hour intervals. Alteration to this schedule has been known to lead to tolerance build up to the drug (which then can lead to even more unregulated use) or even overdosing.

MorphaBond should not be discontinued abruptly as an onset of withdrawal symptoms will take place. These can be uncomfortable and can sometimes last for long durations – up to several weeks.

Whether you’ve used MorphaBond yourself or know someone who has, you may have questions about this prescription drug. To learn more, check out our related topics or call a representative from The Recovery Village who can help get you answers.

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