Meth Addiction Related Topics

Meth addiction is a complicated condition with numerous physical and mental aspects. If you’re interested in learning more about treatment for this type of addiction or have questions on the types of meth or how it’s made, you can search by topic here. Need immediate help? Call The Recovery Village crystal meth hotline for yourself or a loved one today.

Meth Related Topics

Crystal Meth HotlineOur free & confidential 24-hour crystal meth hotline for family members, friends, and those with crystal meth addiction and abuse.
How to Safely Detox From MethWithdrawal from methamphetamine can be difficult, but it isn't impossible. Learn more about how to safely detox from meth.
Meth Rehab Success RatesMeth recovery can be challenging, but it’s possible. Learn about meth rehab success rates and how these seven rehab strategies can help you fully recover from meth.
Meth SoresMeth abuse can drastically affect a user’s physical appearance, specifically the skin. Find out how meth can cause the visible wounds known as meth sores.
Dangers of Mixing Heroin and MethUnfortunately, both heroin and meth are incredibly addictive and dangerous when taken separately, making the dangers of mixing them far greater
Dangers of Shooting Meth | Injecting MethInjecting methamphetamine is one of the more dangerous ways of using this drug. Learn about specific risks and symptoms of shooting meth.
Meth and AnxietyMeth and anxiety are frequently associated because of the potential for developing anxiety after long-term use of meth and experiencing anxiety during meth withdrawal.
Meth and Bipolar DisorderWhile using methamphetamines doesn’t cause bipolar disorder, it can cause symptoms that resemble the symptoms of bipolar disorder.
Faces of Meth RecoveryLong-term meth use can cause significant changes in physical appearance. Fortunately, most people see improvements as they find hope and healing in recovery.
Meth & Commonly Mixed DrugsMixing meth and Viagra can increase your risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Learn more about the dangers of using meth and Viagra together.
Meth and Mental Health DisordersMethamphetamine use can contribute to challenges with mental health, both in the short-term and long-term. Learn more about meth and mental health disorders.
Borderline Personality Disorder & MethBorderline personality disorder and meth use commonly occur together. Learn how you can treat both conditions together.
Antisocial Personality Disorder & MethThe co-occurrence of antisocial personality disorder and meth use is a serious challenge that many people face. While treatment is challenging, full recovery is possible.
What Does Meth Smell Like?Meth can smell like powerful chemicals. When meth is smoked, it tends to have a lighter, more subtle and almost sweet smell.
Meth-Laced WeedOne area of concern people have specifically involves meth and weed, and meth-laced weed symptoms.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder and MethPeople with BDD can feel distressed around how they view their bodies. They may perceive flaws that are not really there and turn to meth to cope with them.
Meth PsychosisPsychosis is a common side effect of meth use. Learn more about the condition, how long it lasts and how it's treated when a person enters recovery from meth.
Ice (Crystal Meth) vs MethMeth comes in several forms, and crystal meth, also known as ice, is the strongest. Learn the differences between ice and other forms of meth.
What’s the Difference Between Meth & Cocaine (Coke)?Meth affects the body and brain differently from other stimulants based on factors like the metabolism. Learn the differences between meth and cocaine.
Crystal Meth Addiction StoriesCrystal meth addiction stories illustrate just how dangerous and damaging this drug can be. Read the real-life stories of five individuals who struggled with meth use.
What Is Meth Made Of?If you’re concerned a loved one is making meth, certain chemicals found in the home can suggest your suspicions are true. Learn how to spot a meth lab and its ingredients.
Study: 73% of Meth Users Are Multiplying Their Risk for Fatal OutcomesPeople using meth are doubling or tripling their risks for dangerous health complications, sometimes more. Read the comprehensive study by The Recovery Village.
Crack vs. MethCrack cocaine and methamphetamine are two highly dangerous and addictive drugs. Learn about how they are similar and what their differences are.
Meth vs. AdderallMethamphetamine and Adderall are related, yet chemically distinct, drugs. Learn more about their similarities and differences.
Meth Cutting AgentsSome cutting agents used in meth production can be highly toxic and dangerous. Learn more about meth cutting agents.

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