Meth Addiction Related Topics

Meth addiction is a complicated condition with numerous physical and mental aspects. If you’re interested in learning more about treatment for this type of addiction or have questions on the types of meth or how it’s made, you can search by topic here. Need immediate help? Call The Recovery Village crystal meth hotline for yourself or a loved one today.

Meth Related Topics

Crystal Meth HotlineOur toll-free, confidential 24-hour crystal meth hotline for family members and those with crystal meth addiction and abuse. National helplines for the U.S.
Crystal Meth and OverdoseCrystal meth overdose symptoms, causes, possibility of death, amount of meth that can cause an overdose and actions to take immediately.
Crystal Clear: Stories of People Who Faced Meth AddictionThe media glamorizes crystal meth, but for those addicted, it's a life-ruining substance. Learn more about the reality of meth through their stories.
How to Safely Detox From MethWithdrawal from methamphetamine can be difficult, but it isn't impossible. Learn more about how to safely detox from meth.
The Dangers of Methamphetamine: Ingredients and How It’s MadeEverything about methamphetamine—from its ingredients and the way its made to the effects it can have on the body—is dangerous.
Meth rehab success rates: 7 ways to make sure recovery sticksMeth recover can be challenging, but it's possible. Here are seven things you can add to your treatment plan to help you fully recover from meth.
Meth MouthMeth Mouth occurs when using meth causes an abuser’s teeth to first stain, then decay and eventually fall out as early as one year into abusing meth.
Meth SoresMeth abuse can drastically affect a user’s physical appearance, specifically the skin causing meth sores on the face. Frequent use of this drug can affect the body’s blood flow, restricting the amount traveling to all areas of the body. Without consistent blood flow, blood vessels are destroyed and the body loses its ability to repair itself. As a result, meth users have a tendency to develop leathery, off-colored skin.
The Difference Between Ice and MethMeth is a drug that affects the central nervous system. It its purest form, it’s referred to as ice, or crystal meth. Need help for meth addiction? Call us.
Understanding How A Meth Addict Thinks and FeelsMethamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or just meth, is one of the most addictive, dangerous and frightening drugs there is.