Meth Addiction Related Topics

Meth addiction is a complicated condition with numerous physical and mental aspects. If you’re interested in learning more about treatment for this type of addiction or have questions on the types of meth or how it’s made, you can search by topic here. Need immediate help? Call The Recovery Village crystal meth hotline for yourself or a loved one today.

Meth Related Topics

Crystal Meth HotlineOur toll-free, confidential 24-hour crystal meth hotline for family members and those with crystal meth addiction and abuse. National helplines for the U.S.
Crystal Meth and OverdoseCrystal meth overdose symptoms, causes, possibility of death, amount of meth that can cause an overdose and actions to take immediately.
How to Safely Detox From MethWithdrawal from methamphetamine can be difficult, but it isn't impossible. Learn more about how to safely detox from meth.
Meth Rehab Success RatesMeth recover can be challenging, but it's possible. Here are seven things you can add to your treatment plan to help you fully recover from meth.
Meth MouthMeth Mouth occurs when using meth causes an abuser’s teeth to first stain, then decay and eventually fall out as early as one year into abusing meth.
Meth SoresMeth abuse can drastically affect a user’s physical appearance, specifically the skin. Find out how meth can cause the visible wounds known as meth sores.
Understanding How A Meth Addict Thinks and FeelsMethamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or just meth, is one of the most addictive, dangerous and frightening drugs there is.
How to Help a Meth AddictIf you’re the family member of someone with any addiction including crystal meth, the first thing to do to learn how to help an addict is to research addiction and the drug itself.
I Am Meth Poem: Gripping Poem About the Reality of Crystal MethAs meth has become an increasing problem in cities and towns across the U.S., the ravaging effects of the drug have gained national attention as well.
Meth Babies on the Rise: Long-Term Effects of Moms on Meth During PregnancyThe term “meth babies” has become one that we hear all-too-commonly, as more and more babies in the U.S. are born addicted to drugs.
Meth vs. Adderall: Science Says They’re Almost IdenticalIncreasingly medical professionals and researchers have come out to compare meth vs. Adderall and point out just how similar they are.
Montana Meth Project: Has it Curbed Teen Meth Use?The Montana Meth Project is a unique and large-scale undertaking that aims to prevent teens from using meth for the first time.
Strawberry Meth: The Strawberry Quick Meth MythThe strawberry meth myth refers to a story that cropped up in 2007 where people believed drug dealers were disguising meth with the use of products like Strawberry Quick, as well as Pop Rocks
Who Invented Meth: History of Meth and its Links to WW IIAmphetamine was first synthesized in 1887 in Germany, although it was shelved until the 1920s. In the 1920s German researchers started looking at options to use meth as a treatment for almost any ailment including depression, but many others as well.
Crack vs. Meth: The DifferenceThe following provides an overview of both meth and crack separately, and also highlights the difference between meth and crack.
Dangers of Mixing Heroin and MethUnfortunately, both heroin and meth are incredibly addictive and dangerous when taken separately, making the dangers of mixing them far greater
Dangers of Meth Cutting AgentsThe methamphetamine purchased on today’s streets is not only dangerous in of itself, but often contains additives that make it even more harmful to the body. By the time the drug reaches an individual, it has probably passed through many hands –beginning with the manufacturer and through any number of dealers.
Dangers of Shooting Meth | Injecting MethMethamphetamine, a stimulant drug with some limited therapeutic use, has now become a highly addictive street drug. While it has been used to treat ADHD, most meth is illegally produced in small labs and sold on the street as a recreational drug.
Meth Addiction Self-Assessment QuizThe conclusion of this self-assessment may be used as a guide to assist you in distinguishing problematic drug misuse, identifying the signs and symptoms of a use disorder, and finding substance use disorder treatment, if applicable.
Meth DeathMeth use can be lethal. Understand how prevalent death associated with meth use is and ways to prevent it.
Meth and AnxietyMeth and anxiety are frequently associated because of the potential for developing anxiety after long-term use of meth and experiencing anxiety during meth withdrawal.
Meth and Bipolar DisorderWhile using methamphetamines doesn’t cause bipolar disorder, it can cause symptoms that resemble the symptoms of bipolar disorder.
Meth and DepressionMeth abuse and depression together create cyclic states of hopelessness and euphoria.
Faces of Meth RecoveryLong-term meth use can cause significant changes in physical appearance. Fortunately, most people see improvements as they find hope and healing in recovery.
Meth and Drug MixingLearn about the dangers of mixing substances with meth. Find out how polysubstance use can increase meth’s side effects as well as the risks of overdose.

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