Next Step Village

Next Step Village is dedicated to providing high-quality transitional and sober living care for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Our programs are designed to help people transition from the rehab environment, or their home, to a supportive sober living setting. We believe that compassionate outpatient treatment and aftercare services can help residents continue to heal from addiction and embrace long-term recovery.

Our semi-private, FARR-certified living accommodation is located in Maitland, a short drive from Orlando, Florida.

Partial hospitalization, outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are provided within the supportive, structured environments of our Maitland outpatient center or our sister facilities, Orlando Recovery Center and The Recovery Village. Trained staff offer counseling, education and job placement assistance, and facilitate off-site recreational activities.

Our Maitland Facility

Co-Ed Sober Living Apartments

Our co-ed apartments are conveniently located in the Maitland/Winter Park area. Located close to major roads, local restaurants and walking paths, The Next Step Village is a great place to continue your recovery journey.

Next Step Village Maitland
8875 US 17-92
Maitland, FL 32751

(407) 386-2313

Our Orlando Facility

Orlando Outpatient Facility

Partial hospitalization, outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are provided at our Orlando outpatient center.

Next Step Village Orlando
100 E Sybelia Ave Suite 250
Maitland, FL 32751

(407) 968-7717

Levels of Care

Important Notice Regarding COVID-19:

We are closely monitoring all developments associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of all patients, employees and the communities we serve. This means some off-site activities or other programming have been postponed or moved to telehealth offerings. Your cooperation during this time is greatly appreciated.

Paying for Rehab

Treating an addiction is an investment towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. In many cases, insurance can help offset the cost of treatment. The Next Step Village accepts insurance from most private insurance providers, but not Medicaid or Medicare policies. Learn more about paying for rehab.

Explore Your Insurance Options

Our Staff

Our teams at our Central Florida locations, including doctors, nurses, staff and sober living house managers, are all dedicated to empowering people to thrive in recovery.

We are always looking for dedicated clinical staff to help those in recovery.

See Open Positions

Timothy Huckaby
Timothy Huckaby
Medical Director

Michael Griggs
Michael Griggs
Executive Director

Our Accreditations

Next Step Village is accredited by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), and we are a level-4 FARR program. Our facilities are licensed by the Florida Department of Business Professional Regulations and the Florida Department of Health. 

NAATP member logo

Florida Association of Recovery Residences Certified Residence Logo

Tour Our Facilities

Take a virtual step inside our Next Step Village centers.

Our Amenities

Living accommodations at Next Step Village facilities encourage physical and mental wellness. Indoor and outdoor amenities at Next Step Village facilities may include:

  • Outdoor, in-ground swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Clubhouse
  • Computer lab
  • Coffee bar
  • Ping pong, pool and foosball tables
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Small library
  • Access to a full kitchen
  • Fire pit for recreation and therapy sessions
  • Horseshoes
  • Giant Jenga
  • Lake access
  • Off-site field trips occasionally
  • Job placement resources

Please note that amenities vary by location, and not each location of Next Step Village offers the same amenities.

Next Step Village common area with a fooseball table and pool table

What to Expect

At Next Step Village, clients can expect outpatient medical and clinical support and sober living opportunities in a safe environment that is conducive to recovery. It’s essential for each client to know what to expect ahead of time, including what to bring and what to leave at home.

We recommend that clients bring:

  • Insurance and pharmacy cards
  • Two weeks worth of seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Unopened toiletries, including toothpaste, alcohol-free mouthwash and sealed shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Comfortable sleepwear

Items that are not allowed at our facility include:

  • Drugs or alcohol, drug-related paraphernalia and clothing depicting drugs or alcohol
  • Products or substances containing alcohol as an ingredient 
  • Opened cigarette packs, vitamin bottles or toiletries
  • Narcotic medications (including medicinal or licensed marijuana)

What Does the Treatment Process Look Like?

Each client’s treatment plan varies, but the rehab and sober living accommodations process are similar for everyone.

  • Mandatory Search Procedure

    Upon arrival at Next Step Village, each client must participate in a mandatory search and screening process to ensure that no contraband items enter the facility. Any items that are not allowed in the center will be safely stored and returned to the client upon discharge.

  • Intake Assessment

    A medical exam will be conducted for each client entering treatment at Next Step Village to assess history and establish goals for programming. This assessment evaluates past and current substance use and physical and mental health to inform each client’s personalized treatment plan.

  • Introduction to Sober Living Home

    Each client will receive an orientation with our sober living house manager or other staff, who will introduce our living accommodations, amenities and other resources.

  • Treatment and Therapy

    After the intake process and once clients are settled into their living accommodations, they can enroll in the level of care that best meets their needs, whether it’s partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or outpatient programming. Therapy options may include yoga therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), 12-step groups and more.

What Our Clients Say

Matt K.
06:38 11 Apr 21
I cannot say enough great things about Next Step Village (NSV). While attending a detox program my loving family spent a lot of time and effort researching and comparing places for me to go to continue my recovery. NSV was the top of the list.After arriving in December of 2019 I quickly knew that this was the right place for me. The staff was absolutely amazing. I didn't feel like a number, they each treated me special and got to know me for who I am. They offered love, support and guidance when needed...even if I thought I didn't need it. It was nice to have caring people who I could relate to with me as I continued my journey.NSV offered meetings and classes that helped me learn how to deal with life and how to stay clean and sober. I really like that you have freedom there so it doesn't feel like you are locked away somewhere. They give you enough rope to hang yourself. With those freedoms they offer comes responsibility and accountability. NSV helps keep you on track while allowing you to live your life.I had some roommates during my time there and I grew really close to some of them. It's a nice setup where you can be alone if you want to, but there are always people around if you need someone to talk to. This includes the wonderful staff. They were always there for me whenever I needed someone or when I was going through something.Overall this place helped save my life. I highly recommend Next Step Village for anyone that is serious about wanting to get clean and sober and stay clean and sober!
Savanah A.
01:49 09 Apr 21
My experience at the Next Step village was absolutely amazing. After I left a 46 day treatment I immediately moved in and was shown nothing but love, compassion, accountability and the recovery lifestyle that I needed. I never thought that sober living was going to be something that I would enjoy but in all honesty it was everything that I needed. The staff was always very respectful not only to just myself and my needs but everyone around. A lot may say that the staff might be “mean “ or “unfriendly” but that’s not the case. They hold the addict accountable for their actions which at least in my case saved my life. I now have two years and four months clean and I don’t think that I would have made it this far if it wasn’t for the next step village the connections to people I made there. And the view was an AMAZING bonus!
Tracey N.
19:05 08 Apr 21
I lived at NSV for 13 months, never imagined I would have stayed that long! IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I have learned so many tools how to live on my own. I would have never made it without the amazing staff! Shawna, you are the BEST, always there with a smile, listened and gave the best advice! Then there was Mrs. B, I love ❤️ this woman🌹we had the best relationship, we talked so much, she was and still is my NSV Mom. Daphnia, loved having you there, when I was stressed etc, you calmed me down and we would figured out the problem together. Chris, I know I drove you bonkers 🙂 thank you so much for the talks we had upstairs. Nicole, we met at the end, you have such positive energy that makes anyone happy and you were so easy to talk to! I AM TODAY “19” months sober! Learn the NSV program and YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVER! If you are thinking about going there, don’t hesitate- pick up the phone
barbara H.
23:20 27 Jul 20
NSV is absolutely gorgeous. There is a pool and a lake right there. My favorite part of my experience there was getting experience and hope from some of the staff/house managers. Shawna in particular was extremely helpful for me and many of the other women there. She went out of her way to bring the female community together and spent time with each of us individually. She inspired the facility to take us to new meetings and the meeting she recommended saved my life. She really puts her heart into the job and you can tell ahe genuinely cares about each client there. I am still clean 4 years later and I owe alot of it to the strong women I have met along the way. If you are thinking of coming here, I strongly suggest trying to gain as much as you can from the staff that are ACTUALLY in recovery AND work a program. It will save your life. It did mine.
Serenity P.
22:55 09 Jun 20
I lived here for 4 months and the staff was caring and supportive. They were always there to help and gave me the structure and accountability to help me start my journey.It is a great place to begin learning how to work a program.
Garth and Christine G.
01:49 13 Jan 20
After years of previous attempts at sobriety and multiple grave prognosis's from doctors, Next Step Village was there for our son at the perfect time. The structured, professional and consistent program utilizing a holistic treatment program that addressed the mind, body and heart was the total package he needed at that moment. The director, Troy, played an instrumental role as a therapist, family liaison and friend with a personalized plan tailored to his needs each step of the way. Our son has now been sober for a full year. We have our son back and he is better than ever!

James' Recovery Story

Hear how James’ experience with the Next Step Village provided him with a smooth transition into lifelong recovery after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer frequently asked questions about rehab and sober living homes, including:

  • Are the sober living homes separated by gender?

    Currently, our accommodations include both co-ed apartments as well as male-only and female-only sober homes based on availability and a client’s preference.

  • Can family members visit Next Step Village?

    Family therapy sessions may be a part of intensive outpatient care and outpatient treatment, as deemed necessary by our therapists. Otherwise, visits with loved ones are permitted in the lobby area, or off-site.

  • Is smoking allowed at Next Step Village?

    Yes, clients are allowed to bring unopened cigarettes and tobacco products with them to our facility.

  • Are cell phones allowed at Next Step Village?

    Yes, clients can bring their cell phones to Next Step Village and may use them freely, except during morning meditation, house and 12-step meetings, clinical and medical sessions, and outpatient groups.

Looking for additional answers? Call our facility, view answers to other frequently asked questions .

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