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The Recovery Village In the News

Amid an ongoing drug epidemic, the community of addiction experts at The Recovery Village continuously deliver quality care to our patients and act as thought leaders in the pursuit of rehabilitation for countless Americans.

Read on for the latest developments in addiction and mental health issues including drug trends, alcohol trends, advancements in substance abuse treatment and how our expertise has impacted the addiction space.

Featured Stories

It’s essential to raise awareness about substance abuse and mental health issues to decrease the social stigma stopping many from getting help. The Recovery Village has worked with numerous news organizations to provide insight on addiction and drug-related news to educate the public and lower barriers to recovery.

BBC News: America's New Heroin Addicts

Documentary about heroin addiction in America featuring Orlando Recovery Center's Medical Director and a The Recovery Village Umatilla alumni.

Yahoo: Benzos are Rising in Popularity Among Teens

Article about teen use of benzos featuring a quote from The Recovery Village's Medical Director about the increase in benzo prescriptions.

Fox News: Americans Turn to Drugs, Alcohol as Coronavirus Stress Rises

Article featuring results from a survey facilitated by The Recovery Village about substance use.

Press Releases

The Recovery Village press releases provide updates on various aspects of our network of facilities including new insurance contracts, partnerships and new treatment offerings. Find more of our press releases here.

Advanced Recovery Systems Now Offering Teletherapy

While our treatment centers remain open, we’re excited to announce the launch of The Recovery Village Telehealth app...

Press Contact

Allison Walsh
Allison Walsh
VP of Business Development, Branding

Learn More About The Recovery Village

At The Recovery Village, we believe in delivering safe, effective care to each patient that entrusts us with their health. We believe that:

  • Anyone can recover from addiction
  • Every patient deserves respectful, compassionate care
  • Addiction is a disease that can be treated with evidence-based and research-backed care
  • Treating substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions simultaneously can lead to lasting healing
  • Recovery is a journey that requires a lifelong commitment

Our Thought Leaders

Our substance abuse experts are a source of in-depth knowledge about addiction. These addiction professionals cover a wide range of addiction medicine and mental health topics. See more of our thought leaders here.

Lewis Gold
Lewis Gold
Chairman of the Board

Mitchell Eisenberg
Mitchell Eisenberg
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Wandler
Kevin Wandler
Chief Medical Officer

Timothy Huckaby
Timothy Huckaby
Medical Director

What Our Experts Have to Say

The Recovery Village and Our Experts in the News

The Recovery Village has been featured in alcohol-related news and drug addiction news articles across the country. Read how we provide the latest in substance abuse trends, research and treatment.

WESH: Central Florida Rise in Alcohol Sales

YouTube: Kula for Karma and Melissa's Yoga Journey

KPVI: Mental Health Awareness Month

KPVI: Substance Abuse Impacted by COVID-19

NAMI: How Can I Help a Loved One with a Dual Diagnosis

ActionNewsJax: Fire Rescue Sees Increase in Overdose Calls

CBS4: NA, AA Recovery Meetings Holding Online Meetings

CourierPost: Cooper to Help Bring Addiction Treatment to Cherry Hill

WTOP: Recovery Center for Fire Fighters Opens in Maryland

Modern Healthcare: When the Doctors Become Addicted

ABCActionNews: Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Med School

USAToday: The Sad Intersection of Fame, Drugs and Death

MedicalDaily: How Drug Addiction Affects Brain Chemsitry

TeenVougue: What is Blackout Wednesday in November

ColoradoSun: Exercise Helps Athletes Battle Drug Addiction

EffecientGov: Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

The Swaddle: Social Drinking to High Functioning Alcoholism

Forbes: GEICO's Original Caveman John Lehr and Sobriety

WESH: Study Shows 4 Million Baby Boomers are Addicted

JEMS: Treatment Center Opens for Fire Fighters with PTSD

CheatSheet: Lamar Has Something in Common with the Duggars

Refinery29: That Wild Bug Scene From Netflix's The Perfection, Explained

Epigram: Women's Health Crisis- A Case Study on PMDD

Health24: This is What Happens to Your Body During a Heroin Overdose

ZMEScience: Ridding Your Body of Harmful Dependencies

The Racing Biz: Horse Trainer Anthony Margotta Addiction Story

Tri-CountyTimes: Prescription Drugs are Creating a Drug Epidemic

NorthCoastJournal: Bipolar Man's Slow Slide into Homelessness

Daily Mail: Nasal Spray of Oxytocin Can Combat Alcohol Addiction

ActionNewsJax: Fire Department Sees Increase in Overdoses

News10: Hospital Hopes to Save Addicted with Heart Valve Infections

BizJournal: Addiction Treatment Center Planned For South Jersey

CourierPost: Giant Pin Finally Drops at Former Bowling Alley

USNews: The Lasting Toll of an Eating Disorder-Fertility Issues

The Ledger: Taylor Tyson Talks about Her Future as Miss Florida 2018

Columbus Monthly: A Mother's Story about the Opioid Crisis

FireFighter Nation: IAFF Opens Behavioral Health Treatment & Recovery Center

NBC4i: New Program Aims to Help First Responders with PTSD

MarinIJ: Teen View on Teen Drug Experimentation

MiamiHerald: Americans Turn to Drugs and Alcohol as COVID-19 Stress Rises

VCU Health: How to stop rising opioid overdose rates in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

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