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You may be trying to straighten out by yourself. After all, you should be able to put that drink down, eat moderate and healthy meals, and work responsibly with your doctor to identify proper medication. Or perhaps the last substance abuse or eating disorder intervention should’ve stuck. Yet that hasn’t been the case, and you’re back at square one, or worse. How could this happen? Weren’t you resolved to turn over a new leaf, make your family proud, show up for your job and your community? You were. Of course you were. It’s just that one thing led to another, and even though the beast is back, you still believe it’s possible to stop. Because if others can do it, you can do it, too.

The problem is you’re trying to do it all alone.

How We Can Help

At The Recovery Village, we provide complete wellness care and specialize in relapse prevention for adults struggling with substance abuse and/or eating disorders. Located minutes from Orlando, Florida at the entrance of the Ocala National Forest, our facility provides a full continuum of services; which include drug and alcohol detox, eating disorder medical stabilization, residential care, individualized and group therapy and post-treatment options.