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The Recovery Village Alcohol, Drug Rehab and Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders are some of the most common and devastating mental health conditions, disrupting the lives of increasing percentages of people today than ever before. The drug rehab center and eating disorder treatment provided by The Recovery Village is committed to promoting long-term recovery, a high quality of care and cultivating balanced solutions for living a healthy life.

It can be a challenge in the energetic and complex society we live in today to recognize when to ask for help. Alcohol consumption, drug use and eating habits become disordered and harmful when they begin to consume and control one’s life.

You may have been trying for some time to straighten out by yourself, or perhaps the last intervention or rehab program didn’t stick. It is possible to stop for good. Recognizing you can’t manage on your own is the first step toward gaining a new freedom and happiness.

How We Can Help: Alcohol and Drug Rehab

At The Recovery Village, we provide complete wellness care and specialize in relapse prevention for adults struggling with substance abuse and/or eating disorders. Our alcohol rehab, drug rehab and eating disorder treatment center are located minutes from Orlando, Florida at the entrance of the Ocala National Forest. Our facility provides a full continuum of services; which includes medical detox, eating disorder medical stabilization, residential care, individualized and group therapy and post-treatment options.

Top of the line medical care, combined with wellness programs and holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation, massage and equine resources mean we are dedicated to healing the whole self. We provide affordable luxury and recovery in a setting where lasting health and peace of mind are the goals.

We use evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This assures that each of our patients receives the most effective combination of treatment approaches for their unique history and needs. Individualized treatment plans are developed and implemented by a multidisciplinary treatment team of experts who specialize in a different aspect of recovery for each patient.

We’re here to re-build the patient at all levels and help loved ones who have been so deeply affected. Included in the treatment program is weekly family therapy to guide all participants to a new life.

The Recovery Village: How We Are Different The Recovery Village offers comprehensive treatment for dual diagnosis based alcohol/drug rehab, eating disorder and mental health treatments for men and women ages 18 and up, all under one roof. At The Recovery Village, we understand addiction. Our fully trained staff will guide patients and family to the goal of complete rehabilitation. If you think you've seen it all, you haven't seen us. And if this is your first time, we won't let you down. We provide discreet and anonymous 24/7 transportation service within a 90 mile radius.