Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Cleveland, Ohio

The drug epidemic in the United States is reaching its grip into every state and every city, including Cleveland, Ohio. Due to this crisis, the need for more drug testing facilities has developed in the area. Whether you need a drug test for work or you suspect a loved one may be in need of substance abuse treatment in Cleveland, it is important to find a reliable drug testing center.

If you notice signs of drug use in a loved one, and then there is fear about getting a drug test, your suspicions of drug use may be valid. It is important to get tested and begin treatment if it is needed. Many facilities near Cleveland offer a broad range of treatment, including The Recovery Village. Please reach out to a representative for more information.

Cleveland Drug Testing Centers

When looking for a Cleveland drug testing center, it is important to know your options and what different centers offer. Much of this depends on the reason for your drug test, but it is important to know that tests mostly vary with the types of drugs for which they test and the type of specimen at which they look.

One common test is the 5-panel drug test that screens for five categories of drugs which are: opiates, marijuana,  amphetamines, cocaine, and phencyclidine (PCP). If you need a stronger test to look for other substances, like barbiturates, ethanol (alcohol), and benzodiazepines, some centers offer this. Usually, the goal of the drug test dictates what substance will be screened.

The type of specimen collected is the other main factor of a drug test. Again, this often depends on what drugs are being screened and the goal/reason for the test. Here are some common type of specimens collected for drug tests:

  • Urine – Urine is the most common to test for drugs. Metabolites, the structures the metabolism produces and then excretes when a substance is ingested, are excreted through the urine. This type of test is usually cost-effective, reliable, and noninvasive.
  • Saliva – This is the second most common type of drug test. It is fast and non-invasive. However, the window of time for accurate testing after drug use is small, so this must be a consideration.
  • Blood – Though a blood test is the most accurate way to test, it is also expensive and more invasive. It is not a common method of drug testing.
  • Hair – Metabolites are filtered through the hair and stay there indefinitely. A hair drug test is a type of permanent record of past drug use.
  • Perspiration – This is a newer method of drug testing where the person wears a perspiration patch for two weeks. After this time frame, the patch is tested for metabolites that indicate drug use.

It is important to choose one of the reliable Cleveland drug testing centers for accurate results. A lot could depend on the results of these tests. Look for a center that is known for accuracy, privacy, quick results, and an experienced staff. You can check with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list of centers for a drug testing facility that is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Many reasons exist for seeking out drug testing facilities in Cleveland. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Pre-Employment: Employers often require potential employees to pass a drug test before extending a final offer.
  • Annual Physical: Employers or insurance companies often require annual drug tests as part of an annual physical.
  • For-Cause and Reasonable Suspicion: If someone is suspected of drug use, a drug test may be administered. This could be a work-related requirement or often done if a parent suspects a child of drug use.
  • Post-Accident: If a workplace accident occurs followed by legal action, employers may require the employee to be drug tested to see if alcohol or drugs were being used at the time of the accident and were possibly a factor.
  • Post-Treatment: Often those who have completed a treatment program will take a test at the request or requirement of employers, law enforcement, or treatment providers to show that drug use has ceased.
  • Probation: This is usually a standard term of probation and failure to pass a test could result in a return to incarceration.
  • Sports: Some sports teams will require drug testing to ensure fair and safe play as well as a drug-free atmosphere.
  • School: Some middle and high schools will do random drug testing to keep a drug-free environment.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

By using reliable resources, you can find trustworthy and competent drug testing facilities in your area. You can ask your family doctor, who is probably familiar with your or your loved one’s medical history and can recommend a quality center to meet your needs. You can also call your insurance provider and see if they can recommend a center that will be covered by your insurance plan. Another option is to look online for a center near you. You can see if they offer what you need.

You can also call The Recovery Village. We are here to help you locate a drug testing center in Cleveland and also treatment services if you find these are needed. The Recovery Village has a full continuum of care to offer something for everyone.  Reach out to us today and we can be with you through this.