What Is Vivactil (Protriptyline)?

Vivactil is a brand name medication prescribed to patients with depression. Also known by its generic name protriptyline, Vivactil is a tricyclic antidepressant which is effective due to its ability to balance the brain’s neurotransmitters. Protriptyline is a particularly unique tricyclic antidepressant because it produces energizing rather than sedating effects.

Patients experiencing migraines and chronic pain can also benefit from using Vivactil. Your mood and overall sense of well-being have the potential to improve through protriptyline treatment.

Protriptyline may produce side effects. The common side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, weight gain, and trouble urinating. More serious side effects include persistent heartburn, mood changes, shaking, mask-like facial expressions, muscle spasms, severe abdominal pain, decreased sexual desire or ability, and enlarged, painful breasts.

While many people do not experience these extreme side effects, it is necessary for your health to consult your doctor right away if you begin developing signs of the effects mentioned above. It is highly important to seek medical attention immediately if you experience an irregular heartbeat, seizures, eye pain, eye swelling, widened pupils or vision changes while taking Vivactil.

Vivactil (Protriptyline) Withdrawal and Detox

If you decide it is time to end your protriptyline treatment, talk to your doctor prior to stopping. A steady dosage of Vivactil should never be stopped abruptly. Gradually tapering off your protriptyline dose is an important step to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms, and should only be done under your doctor’s supervision

What Are Common Vivactil (Protriptyline) Withdrawal Symptoms?

Vivactil’s common discontinuance symptoms include nausea, headache, and general malaise. Remember, never stop taking protriptyline cold turkey as Vivactil’s withdrawal effects could be very severe if stopped abruptly. If you experience severe symptoms, undergoing a detoxification in the presence of medical professionals is recommended.

Vivactil (Protriptyline) Withdrawal Timeline and Symptom Durations

The timeline for Vivactil withdrawal symptoms to wear off is different for every individual. While some patients may recover within a few short weeks, others may take several months. It is important to keep this in mind when you are undergoing protriptyline detox, as no two patients are exactly alike and you should never compare your recovery to anyone else’s. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about discontinuing Vivactil.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms of Vivactil (Protriptyline)

If you are having trouble managing Vivactil discontinuance of use symptoms, it is recommended you seek a medically assisted detoxification program. By surrounding yourself with medical professionals during this process, you can learn how to cope with symptoms as they arise.

Vivactil (Protriptyline) Medications and Detox

If you are taking any other medications, including nonprescription drugs and herbal products, talk to your doctor about how they may interact with protriptyline. Specifically, blood pressure medications, antipsychotics, some antibiotics, blood thinners, seizure medications, decongestants, muscle relaxers, MAOI antidepressants and SSRI antidepressants have the potential to cause an interaction with your protriptyline medication. Alcohol and certain foods may interact with Vivactil, so be prepared to discuss your diet with your doctor.

A safe detox from Vivactil is important if you or someone you love begins to experience Protriptyline in the form of physical dependency or psychological addiction. Either of these issues may occur even if you are taking the medication exactly as prescribed. A medically assisted detoxification program is recommended for very serious cases of protriptyline addiction. Because every patient is different, it is important that you seek a cleansing program that will fit your specific needs to recover safely. A safe and effective detox is the first step to lasting, life-long recovery from protriptyline addiction.

How to Choose a Vivactil (Protriptyline) Center

Before you begin detoxing from Vivactil, talk to your doctor to establish a list of needs you may have for your upcoming detoxification program. No two patients are exactly alike, therefore creating a tailored detoxification plan is an integral part of your own personal recovery. Although recovery is never easy, this life-saving process is worthwhile and The Recovery Village is here to help you every step of the way on your journey to recovery.

Medical Disclaimer

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