Family program

Our family program is an essential part of our treatment approach. Whenever possible, with the consent of the client, it is a requirement of the treatment team to involve the family. Family involvement is important, because the client often has plans to return to the family environment, or the family has experienced a separation due to the destructive nature of substance dependence or eating disorder behaviors. In either case, it is helpful for the family to gain education and support in order to better understand the client’s circumstances.

It is helpful for all persons to understand the treatment goals, and for everyone to be working together toward the same objectives.

A husband and wife learning more about addiction together

Our family weekends are designed to offer our patients and their family members additional education on addiction, substance use disorders, and eating disorders. It also offers an opportunity to process familial issues in a therapeutic and safe environment.

The successful integration of family members into treatment and recovery services can enhance outcomes for everyone involved.

During our family weekend, you will meet with our Medical Director, Dr. Heather Luing, participate in individual and group counseling sessions, attend Al Anon and AA/NA meetings, and spend quality time with your loved one.

Patients may be required to complete a minimum duration of treatment before participating in family weekends.

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