Trazodone Addiction Related Topics

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Trazodone HotlineYou should call a trazodone helpline if you or a loved one needs information about starting treatment for trazodone abuse.
Trazodone and AlcoholDoes alcohol interact with Trazodone? Learn more about the consequences of mixing the two.
Trazodone vs. KlonopinThe following provides an overview of what each drug is, how it works, and a comparison of trazodone vs. Klonopin.
Trazodone Medication and UsesThe following provides an overview of trazodone medication and uses, and answers “what is trazodone prescribed for.”
Trazodone While Pregnant: What You Need to KnowGenerally, this medication is only recommended for use during pregnancy if the benefits of the medication outweigh the risks.
Trazodone Dosage For DogsMany people use trazodone to treat depression symptoms, but did you know it can also help treat behavioral problems in animals? Learn more about its use in pets.
Trazodone for AnxietyTrazodone is typically used to treat depression, but it can also treat anxiety and other disorders. Learn more about trazodone’s variety of uses.
Trazodone for SleepTrazodone is often used to treat insomnia symptoms. Learn more about the dosages, side effects and risks of using trazodone as a sleep aid.
How to Taper off TrazodoneWhile trazodone is not considered an addictive substance, it can still lead to dependence. Learn about how a tapering schedule can help you quit.
Trazodone Dosage DifferencesTrazodone is an antidepressant that has a variety of off-label uses. Learn about the typical dosages patients take when using trazodone.
Trazodone OverdoseThough trazodone overdoses are uncommon, they're still possible. Learn about how much trazodone can cause an overdose, symptoms, and more.